The Inscrutable

The Inscrutable

The dictionary meaning for the word “inscrutable”: Incapable of being searched into or scrutinized; impenetrable to investigation. Not easily understood; mysterious; unfathomable.

UFO and alien visitation certainly fall into these categories. Stories of UFO and alien visitation have been recorded throughout human history.

Despite subtle and highly robust physical and numerous indisputable evidence, UFO and alien visitation on Earth is thought to be fertile imagination of the human mind by most of Earth’s population. They are science fiction stories to intrigue and entertain our nimble minds.

Why, despite undeniable evidence, are we so skeptical to believe? Why are we unable to accept or comprehend alien existence? Are we that afraid of finding the truth?

Have government cover-ups been that effective? Governments are known to hide many facts from the public in other areas, so why do we believe them when they tell us there are no aliens among us. After all, they can’t have the human population believing that stuff. Think about it. If it were to be true, it could disrupt civilization as we know it. There could be worldwide panic. Governments could get overthrown. It would change the history and beliefs of mankind.

My story “An Abduction Revelation” will give you ‘food for thought’ on ‘the inscrutable’. It explores a compelling blend between mysterious entities and some seemingly true events.

Thomas L. Hay, Author

An Abduction Revelation – Latest edition available in all ebook formats at Smashwords: Or Amazon:


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