#Thrilling: Spear Mother by Brandon M Lindsay


Title: Spear Mother: A Tale of the Fourth World
Author: Brandon Lindsay


Sandrena of the Mist Clan has been chosen for an impossible task: to kill an ancient god bent on consuming the Fourth World. Failure leads to the destruction of mankind. Yet even success could end in true death for Sandrena and her five companions. 

Armed only with a magical spear whose power she can’t unlock and plagued by memories of a life she never lived, Sandrena must bind her group together if any of them hope to survive. 

She must become Spear Mother.




About Brandon Lindsay:

Author of the Fourth World fantasy series. The stories Dark Tree and Spear Mother, as well as the story collection The Clans, are now available as ebooks.


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This book was a bit of a daze because I hadn’t read any other tale of the Fourth World. What I was really surprised with, was the length and how much the book expected to cover.

The book starts off with 6 companions led by Spear Mother Sandrena. She has vivid dreams of a mission she has to fulfill and a Spear whose powers she does not know of. Her life changes because of these dreams and now she is expected to kill a God. What are the chances of survival? Not bright. What happens next? Can Spear Mother lead her pack to victory? Who is the God they have to kill and why? Who sent them on this mission?

This book covers all that and more. There were lot of small points which highlighted the book for me!

The book talks about different lands and how this one act would bind them all. This got me thinking about how similar it was to our world. We lived in different worlds, oblivious about the other worlds and stubborn enough to NOT co-exist with them. There were people who crusaded against this and there are some who have led their lives thinking their clan is superior. The underlying of this premise was very deep for me!

Also, Sandrena’s dreams. I’ve often wondered about us co-existing in an alternate reality. Just thinking about it even for a short span excited me a lot. The mere thought of an alternate reality gives me a lot of food for thought!

The end was a little surprising. I didn’t expect it. A total curve ball and what a curve ball. I was completely flummoxed. The author tied up the loose ends quite well. I really don’t want to give out a spoiler! That will ruin it completely!

What I do have a bit of an issue with, is the killing of the God itself. It felt a little hurried. When you spend so much time building up for a Mission Impossible, it is acceptable to spend some time, or pages, documenting the execution of the Mission Impossible.

I had my fair share of unanswered questions which is why I was confused about the ratings to give this book. I felt the author was too pressurised to convert this into a short story. It could definitely have had some more punch in terms of writing because there were places where I felt something was missing.

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts

There were places where I felt the book was BRILLIANT in terms of the concept and the end really blew my socks off. This is a good book, and is currently free, I do recommend this as a short read!





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