#Super #Pilot for a #Paranormal- The Girl Between (War of Witches #1) by Marjorie Weismantel

The Blurb Reads,

‘A Girl Between’ begins the four-part “War of the Witches” series, a paranormal tale of witchcraft, reincarnation and the ever raging battle between good and evil. 

In Part 1, the life of 16 year old Tess changes drastically when her abusive step-uncle dies under mysterious circumstances. Forced to move to her grandmother’s in the old town of Woodley, Tess soon feels at home – perhaps a bit too soon. Woodley evokes strange feelings of familiarity, as if she’s lived there before. As she begins making friends, Tess also encounters a number of enemies who wish to do her harm. Tess finds herself at the confluence of forces she’s at a loss to explain, while coming to realize she possesses extraordinary powers. 

The original single volume of ‘A Girl Between’ is re-released in two separate books: Part1 under the same title, and Part 2 under the new title ‘A Girl Beyond’. Readers of the original single volume should note that select chapters have been updated and new chapters added to enhance the story. The “War of the Witches” series will continue with two sequels planned for release later in 2014 and in 2015.

The Paranormal genre has a lot of witches. And a lot of Good v/s Evil. So, it becomes hard for a reviewer to sort the chaff from the wheat while reading through a story and not wondering about whether it is typical or not.

Let me tell you upfront, this book was not. This book is just a pilot and as a pilot, it fulfills its role perfectly. 

The book starts off with Tess trying desperately to break free from her life. Her abusive step uncle makes life very hard for her and her cousins and she is trapped. Life changes when they have to move across the country with her grandmother who she has never met.

Life changes when Tess starts to see things around her. She feels memories resurfacing and feels a connection to her grandmother’s town. Mysterious work is afoot as Tess gets embroiled in a war involving sworn enemies who have been building up arsenal for centuries. Can Tess reconcile with this reality and can she live with being a Witch?

The Girl Between was a quick read. I could finish it soon and yet it kept my interest. Strange paranormal activities happening, secret powers being discovered and the premise of a huge event happening soon was tantalising. The author has done a great job of describing the characters and I instantly fell in love with Tess.

When Tess gets exposed to the initial evil and realises that there is dirty work afoot, the book takes a new high. It really feels like the action is taking place right in front of your eye. The part where Tess’s past is explored and the history of the War between Diaboles and Luminars is very interesting and makes for good reading.

I didn’t want the book to end. It felt like the pilot episode was over too quick and I immediately wanted the next installment to know what happens next.

If you’re a fan of paranormal, you should pick this up because this one kept me hooked!

You can find the book on AMAZON!

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts


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