Time for a #Thrilling #Tech #Detox- Unplugged by P.D Quaver

The blurb reads,

What would happen if some modern kids were forced to live without their modern devices? 

The teens enrolled in ‘The Natural Path’–a school for device-addicted kids run by the smooth but vaguely sinister Dr. Zarkov–quickly find out when the school turns out to be nothing but a front for an elaborate kidnapping plot. Trapped on a remote tropical island and facing what looks like certain death, they will have to band together if they hope to defeat their ruthless captors. But it will still take all their ingenuity just to survive… 

A realistically detailed and thrilling story by novelist P.D. Quaver which will appeal to young adults (13 and over). 



When I read the blurb, I was really curious! We’ve all had the internet and the smart-phone revolution HIT us in between the eyes! And we’ve been able to do nothing about it! Crib as we might, we are hooked! We are farther away from each other than ever before! Whatsapping and fiddling with the phone even while we meet other people because we simply run out of things to say when we meet someone!

Right, so I’ve ranted against this! But I’ve done nothing. I am forever peering into my phone looking at one update or the other! So I wondered what could the writer have written. I actually confused this with a NON FICTION and thought the author had written ways in which someone can get deaddicted from their phones! And I was wondering what sort of a read that would turn out to be!

AND WAS I WRONG!!!! This was such a thriller! I couldn’t have been further off the mark! This book kept me so hooked, I just had to come back and finish it and see what happened next!!

The book starts off with these children being carted off to a suspicious facility and then finding it all collapse on top of them! I felt this book was such a revelation into the lives of the rich! I mean when you are living in the lap of luxury, you wouldn’t be expected to develop the skills you would need to survive in the wild. Or what you would do in a village when you didn’t have any luxury. And how would we survive even without say some mobile network or a working data plan?!

Our lives across the internet have got so many of us across continents together! But they have pushed everyone close to us, so far away! It is no wonder that we need a TECH DETOX! This book made me think about how lives change when we are put out of our comfort zone.

I feel everyone should do something that puts them out of their comfort zone. It breaks the monotony and makes us react in different ways. We also end up exploring ourselves in detail and finding out qualities which we should admire and those we need to work on. There are things which we as a whole (= I mean humanity!) need to place above materialistic concerns like money! That was something that really struck me hard in this book. People who come from a background of money tend to take survival indeed, for granted. Food, clothing, water and shelter were and continue to remain things which people have to fight for! Keeping this in perspective, our constant addiction to this virtual world created by the Internet, feels shallow!

I felt really bad at some of the incidents in the book but there were others which made me want to cheer for the children! The highs and lows of this book took me on a ride with them and it was an experience reading the book!

I LOVED THE ENDING!! At one point, I almost gave up, thinking that the worst had happened but the book picked me and left me on a different high in the end!! Absolutely loved the book!


My Rating: 4/5

Definitely a MUST READ!





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