The Best Dystopia of 2014- The Grower’s Gift (Progeny of Time #1) by Vanna Smythe

The blurb reads

The future is bleak in the year 2102. The planet is in chaos and the weather patterns have completely shifted, turning most of the world into an uninhabited wasteland.

The rich and powerful of North America have pulled back into the six remaining megacities, erasing all trace of a central government and leaving millions displaced by the environmental crisis to fend for themselves in the dying world.

Sixteen-year-old Maya has a gift, a power she thinks can heal the earth and make it habitable again. A gift that she must learn to harness. The school for the gifted in Neo York is the only place where she can learn to control her power and reach her potential.

Yet the school is not what it seems. Ran by the ruthless head of the city of Neo York, the school’s only objective is to extract the powers of the gifted and then discard them. Only Ty, heir to the city, can keep Maya from being destroyed there.

But Ty has a secret, and his loyalty to his family has never wavered.

Will his growing love for Maya be strong enough to save them both?


growers giftWow!! Wow!! Wow!!

I had to read barely 5 pages before I was sucked into the world of 2102 with cities made up of the rich and the poor struggling in the BadLands. It isn’t hard to imagine, it is how abnormally the world is tilted today as well, with the rich countries and people on one side and the many, many poor languishing on the other!

In a world where we now cannot afford to take climatic change as a joke, this book comes as a cruel reminder of what will be our fate if we do not wake up and reverse the damage! This book!! I can’t even begin to say how amazing this book is for someone who loves the environment. It talks of a world, a different world, mixed with a dying Earth, and one person who wants to change this grim outlook that the world has adopted!

The characters in this book appear so real, it feels like you are reading their progress yet seeing it within your head, using a form of a Virtual Reality Goggle! It is so realistic!

I absolutely fell in love with the lead pair! I fell in love with how strong Maya is and how she exudes warmth! I could feel that even though I was reading the book!

The whole world that Vanna created seeped right through my laptop and stood in front of me. I could see Neo York and the Earth then in 2102, I could see people in the Badlands, surviving and people in the cities spending their lives trying to simply stay alive!!

This book really made me question the power hungry politics that govern the world today. The balance of power is tilted towards those WHO SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. When all that matters is how much you line your pockets, why would someone somewhere dying of hunger matter? The world thrives on fear and a respect for the wealthy. And apathy for the poor. And the book was a grim reminder that unless we picked ourselves up and consciously worked towards making a difference, the global challenges of hunger and disease which show up in Vanna’s book might as well be a mirror to what is happening today. Right here in this supposedly “advanced” world.

I really recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves a good and a strong read! This book has the potential to change the way you look at things, not to mention, it will make you want the next installment sooner than you finished reading the first one!

Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant~~ I just don’t have the words! This has got to be the best book I have read in 2014!

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