Brilliant for Self Branding- The Perfect Fit for Careers by Latrice Collins

The blurb reads,

The Perfect Fit for Careers is a powerful introspective book that strengthens your personal career brand, identifies what you need and want in a company, and explores strategies for advancing your career (how to get promoted).The Perfect Fit for Careers includes empowering tools that enable readers to:

  • Determine the strengths of their career brand
  • Identify any career-sabotaging behaviors
  • Assess their career brand value
  • Determine the needs and wants from an employer
  • Identify the needs and wants from a role
  • Review nine types of interviews
  • Review interviewing questions, and
  • Develop a salary negotiation strategy


This book comes to me for review at a perfect time. I’ve just given my professional exams and I am a fresh entrant in the extremely competitive job market in India. I have been hunting for career guidance and interview guidance everywhere.

The importance of a brand cannot be stressed enough and the importance of building YOUR own brand is so very important in these days! When everything is now coming online, having a stellar reputation is all that matters now.

This book was very systematic in its approach. What I loved about the book was the way it made you ponder on your previous job experiences and how you should mould them into learning for your future.

There are many terms which Human Resource consultants and professionals use like Impact, Experience, Core Proficiency which you wouldn’t know what they meant. This is where this book helped. It decoded a few terms for me. It turned out the view I had of the terms was different from what the HR Professionals had and changing my view made a lot more sense when I went out to look for a job.

The crux of evaluating your own brand takes place when you take a 360 degree feedback, from people who are your managers, your subordinates and those at the same level as you. The book talks about a system which the author has developed which helps to develop a brand. I’m in talks with people to fill it in for me so that I can work on my own brand.

The book had a lot of tips on how to improve Business Image and I feel when I start making my own resume, I’ll work with this together so that I come across as a balanced package for employers.

My Rating: 4.5/5

This is a very practical book which I am sure is going to help me a lot in the coming days when interviews begin.



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