#Twisted #Spooky and #Thrilling Tales: Twisted Sick by Tyler Nals

The Blurb Reads

The title doesn’t pertain to gore and violence, but fun plot twists. The twists are designed to act like 4x4s boards striking you across the side of the head. Sorry! Did that hurt? These stories also move quickly and range from humor to thriller and plenty in-between. It’s a fun, fast-paced ride. 41 stories included.

This book was such an amazing one! I have always loved reading tales on horror and ones which are twisted, the ones similar to what Edgar Alan Poe would write. This book was perfect.

I have to say, the stories were a quick read. I loved, loved loved reading them. The best part about the book was the fact that the stories were not linked to each other. There wasn’t a fixed pattern. Some stories were macabre, some downright creepy, some filled me with horror and some made me laugh hard!

I enjoyed the author’s wit and I felt that the book was one of those which didn’t have too many reviews but which was something which needed to be discovered and enjoyed.

I realised that such short stories are the best sort of books to be enjoyed at the Coffee Table. This book, or e-book as I enjoyed it, is best enjoyed sitting alone, with a blanket or a pillow, or a coffee!!

I can’t really describe the stories without giving too much away! I do have to say that the twists are those which throw you off and really make you enjoy the book and its unexpected nature. In some stories, you have to read it twice to let the story sink in! Brilliant stuff!


My rating: 4/5



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