A Candid View of Poker- The Dark Side of Felt by Tyler Nals

The blurb reads,

You know those guys who play poker for millions of dollars on television? I’m not one of those guys. Instead, I risked my life on a nightly basis playing in underground poker games on Long Island and in Charlotte. This story is about how I managed to survive, but just barely.

I’m not a poker player. I’ve seen it on television and I’ve heard of my friends playing. The crux of the matter is, that I’ve simply had no exposure to it. But this book gave me a fine exposure of what the game is.

What I enjoyed about this book was that it was for those people who loved poker. It has been written by someone who loves poker and who understands the very fibers of the game.

Is poker dangerous? Maybe, as we learn in the book.

Is it addictive? Hell Yeah!

When the stakes are high and your earnings can be a jackpot in one night, it makes for very good reading.

The book is not about the game of poker. It isn’t. It details the author’s journey through Long Island and Charlotte where he deals with his Poker addiction and his love for the game.

The book takes you along with the author and as you get into the poker strategies and the payoffs which the author encounters, you discover a new world which is both legal and illegal. When the author gets sucked into a world where he is just a pawn, you know something is building up and you want to then scream saying”NO! Don’t do that!”, which is simply saying how much you get involved in the book.

This book raises an important question about how playing a game blurs the line between enjoyment and gambling. How addictive is something with unlimited payoffs and how badly does it affect your life? Can you sustain on simply taking on risk after risk? Also, how much can you risk to simply get that euphoric high you get when you play an addictive game? Is it worth risking your life for? Should you draw the line somewhere? Where should you draw the line? This book made me ponder such questions and I wondered how people who played Poker on a daily basis lived their lives. How it was to go through thousands of dollars and not feel a pinch? I realised the disparity between people right then, those who could afford to let a few thousands leak through and those for who the thousand meant a lifetime of savings.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It made me think, which is what I enjoy is a book and it also exposed me to a whole new world.

My rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts


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