I was bullied as a child, says S.J Hermann, author of Morium

After self-publishing his Urban Fantasy novel, Morium, S.J Hermann gets candid about his life and writing.



Q: How did you start writing?

A: I used to write stories way back in High School. Started many, and finished none of them. I never found the motivation to complete the ones I started. 


Q: How has the self publish journey been?

A: It has been more work than I anticipated. More work has gone into marketing the book than actually writing it. As the release date gets closer, nerves start to take over, and I keep asking myself if there was anything I may have missed. I have read my story so many times, none of it makes sense. All the letters become a jumbled mess like a crossword puzzle.


Q: Tell me about your childhood

A: I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Most of my book Morium relates to some of my experiences growing up, with the exceptions of gaining special abilities. I was bullied during my school years and at least one of the things that happen to one of the characters happened to me.


Q: What do you do when you encounter ‘writers block’ 

A: Move on to do something else. I take step away from the computer. If I get stuck on a certain part, I forget about it, then it usually hits me when I least expect it. I am a painter so I usually go and paint a landscape to clear my head.


Q: What more do we see from you ahead?

A: I am currently writing the second part of the Morium trilogy. After that, I have many more stories floating in my mind.


Q: Any tips for newbies?

A: Write. Write some more. Then write even more. Never give up even if you think your story is not good enough. Who knows, you might have a diamond in the rough waiting to be unleashed to readers everywhere.


Thank you so much for that lovely interview!



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