Thrilling Fantasy Novel- Morium by S.J Hermann

The Blurb Reads,

High school seniors, Nathan and Alexandria, are looking forward to graduation for one reason. They dream of a life without torment. Because neither one can call home a sanctuary, they face bullies and humiliation without help from their families.

Nathan’s parents are absent and his empty house stokes the anger he carries within. Alexandria has always hidden her pain, especially so after losing her mother and watching her father struggle. She continues to seek familiar relief with the help of a razor blade and her arms bear witness to the quiet agony she suffers. The best friends have each other to lean on, but not much else.

   An extraordinary discovery changes everything. After holding mysterious objects that fell from the sky, the pair begins to exhibit supernatural abilities. In the beginning, Nathan uses his newfound powers for protection, but quickly becomes obsessed. In an attempt to hide his activities from an unsupportive Alexandria, he promises to stop. But he turns down a sinister path and indiscriminately absorbs souls of the undesirable, growing stronger each time. It’s a high he can’t give up.

   Alexandria desperately attempts to bury her powers and struggles with the results of her and Nathan’s actions. They are beginning to drift apart when a mutual friend, oblivious of their supernatural exploits, becomes an unwitting pawn in Nathan’s rising fixation.  

   A series of deadly events and vivid nightmares convinces Alexandria that Nathan is keeping secrets from her. Now, an agonizing decision must be made. Will two people, who once only had each other to turn to, be forced to turn on each other?

   This is the first installment of the Morium Trilogy.



The major highlight of this book, is that it depicts the major psychological effect that bullying has on children. I often wonder, if a country like the US is at the forefront in various parameters, why does it fail so miserably in controlling ragging or bullying. So many books I read, detail stories of people dealing with their self esteem because of a bully. Everyone cannot be the same. And this book for me, was excellent in looking at that.

I loved the premise of two teens using their powers differently. It made me realise how different everyone’s thoughts were and if you don’t deal with stress, then it can cause you to slide off the path.

Nathan’s transformation because of the powers he gets, sent shivers down my back. We walk a thin line between darkness and light and the sort of negative force that Nathan exuded after enjoying his power, shocked me. It was very well written.

I felt, this book explored the inner thought process one has when one gets unprecedented power. With great power comes great responsibility. While this line sounds very cool, coming from Spiderman, in the movie, you can feel the impact which comes from the thought process, in this book. To use or to not use. This book covers it extremely well.

The only thing I feel is that the end left me in a lurch. I wanted the NEXT BOOK NOW NOW NOW so I could find out what happens next. The book builds up towards the end very well. And I wanted to grab a hold of the author and demand the next book so I could complete it ASAP.

This is a really great read!

My Rating: 4/5



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