#Thriller or #SciFi- Van Laven Chronicles: Throne of Novoxos

The blurb reads

Sometimes the enemy within is worse than the enemy without…

Lord Comron Van Laven is the brave but deeply troubled heir to throne. Lady Vaush Bastionli, is the spirited daughter of his mortal enemy, the one woman he should never love. But when a cruel twist of fate forces them to rely on each other for their very survival, old hatreds are supplanted by something far too powerful for them to resist.

But a startling revelation about Vaush’s true origins threatens to destroy Comron’s kingdom. Meanwhile, his own deeply disturbing family history may prove to be his undoing. Possessed by his fiery passion for Vaush, yet compelled to protect his realm, Comron embarks on a thrilling, inter-planetary odyssey that plunges the couple into the midst of epic battles and raging political power struggles.

Those seeking to kill or control Vaush relentlessly hunt the two as they race to Novoxos where Comron can help Vaush fulfill her destiny and save the Empire from a horrible, apocalyptic fate. If only Comron’s internal chaos doesn’t destroy them first

van laven chronicles

When I started reading this book, I thought it would be another one of those where the two characters would meet and then fall in love and they would fight. I thought it would take a romantic turn and be a cliche!!

BUT NO! I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This book had so much of depth and twists and turns at every moment.

The book starts off with The Crown Prince of Nethic, Comron Van Laven, and his family at an execution for people who have revolted against the empire. Tables turn when Nethic finds out that it is under attack and something has to be done urgently.

On the other side, Vaush Bastionli, from the Ti-Laros family is on her way to conclude negotiations with a buyer. Nethic and Ti-Laros are sworn enemies of each other and enemities have run deep for several years. Generations have held on to that hatred and this has propagated the spewing garbage that they feel for each other.

Slight spoilers ahead..

Their worlds flip when the plane that Vaush and Comron are on, is hijacked and crashes and maroons them on an island with little known civilisation. Vaush escapes unhurt but Comron is at the doorsteps of death. What happens next, changes the lives of not only these two, but the whole futuristic world.

I was so hooked on to the book. It was lengthy, I must admit, but having said that, there were twists at every step which made me want to find out what happened next. The whole journey from their rescue to the events that transpire next, really brought a futuristic world in front of me.

The only thing I was marveling here was that, I don’t clearly recall any date or year. Neither was it scientifically inundated with improved technologies and genetic mutations. The planet all these countries were on, resembled earth and that helped me with getting more comfortable with the story.

I found Comron to represent the Yang element, the open, the loud, the angry and the testosterone element from society. He was the insane, the humane and the driven one. His commitment and love for Vaush drove me to tears and his insanity when Crausin invaded his mind, made me fear him. He is a true alpha male.

Vaush on the other hand, embodies Yin perfectly. Yin, the cold element, yet the feminine and gentle one. Vaush embodied everything good. She took on many characteristics which made her admirable in my eyes. Her disregard for societal classes, her social work, her focus on the downtrodden, in the efforts to make the world a better place. She was the total embodiment of yin in terms of being soft, delicate, feminine, sensual and confident.

I absolutely did not anticipate how events would unfold when Vaush and Comron fall in love. What happens next totally rocked my socks out. I did not expect the curveball that comes Vaush’s way and also how Comron risks everything to help her.

The Murkudahl twist was something I really loved. It took my attention from the small struggle that Vaush and Comron were facing into something of national, heck worldwide importance. It took the book to a whole new level.

People. This book has a FANTASTIC ENDING!!!!!! I could really feel for Comron and Vaush. I felt for them and I could feel their anguish doing whatever they were doing. I felt like the book ended at a perfect stage, laying a brilliant foundation for the next two books.

I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT wait for the next two books!


My Rating: 4/5


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