Sometimes I feel weird with the attention, says Child Author David Noah Kittle-Pals

He amazed and surprised me with his book Shark Tanked. His age, blew my sockets off. Get to know this child prodigy and brilliant author, David Noah Kittle-Pals in his first ever blog interview

shark tanked

1. How Old are you?

David: I am 11 years old


2. Wow! A published novel at such a young age! How did you start writing?

David: My mom got me started on writing novels


3. What inspired you to write Shark Tanked?

David: My Teacher had me do an assignment to do 3 leads for a Book about Sharks.

a) Picture Book

b) Mystery Book

c) Info- Book

I chose to do a picture cum mystery book. And Shark Tanked was born


4. What research did you do for Shark Tanked?

David: I didn’t research much but my grandparents live in Michigan. I’ve been there many times.


5. How do you like to spend your summer vacations? Is there any specific memory you would like to share?

David: I like spending my vacations playing with my friends online but a specific memory is going to a Michigan cottage with my friends


6. What more can we expect from your pen?

David: My Pen? Right here, writing the next question. Okay, I’m working on another novel now. It should be done by spring. I have currently written 9000 words.

shark tanked

7. How has the response to your book been?

David: So far? Everyone has liked it.


8. How does it feel to be Author David?

David: Sometimes I feel……weird!


9. Who is your favourite author/ what is your favourite book?

David: I don’t know the author’s name now, but I like his Percy Jackson books (Rick Riordan)


David’s novel can be found onΒ Amazon


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