Can It Get Any Better? – The Dagger of Adendigaeth (Pattern of Shadow and Light #2) by Melissa Mc Phail

The Blurb Reads

At long last, the reason for the blessed Adept race’s decline has been discovered: powerful beings known as Malorin’athgul are disrupting the Balance and preventing Alorin’s Adepts from awakening to their gifts. Who are they? Where are they? And how can they be stopped when they wield a power meant to unmake the universe itself?

In T’khendar…Prince Ean val Lorian has forsaken his companions in blood and battle to join the traitorous Fifth Vestal in T’khendar in the hopes of gaining some insight into the tragedies that plagued his Return. Now he must confront the man he’s long thought of as his enemy and discover the role he is meant to play in the First Lord’s darkly magnificent game.

The Vestal Raine D’Lacourte has followed his traitorous oath-brother Björn through six kingdoms and into the distant realm of T’khendar seeking explanation and atonement. But the condemned realm harbors shocking secrets, and Raine soon realizes he’s facing his greatest enemy yet—not in Björn, but in the truth.

Elsewhere in Alorin…the young truthreader, Tanis, faces a new villain in the fiery-eyed man he followed from the café in Rethynnea; the soldier Trell struggles to reconcile his growing feelings for the girl he rescued from the river against the guilt of his unknown past; and in Tambarré, another truthreader named Kjieran van Stone treads the incense-filled hallways of the Prophet Bethamin’s temple hoping to uncover a plot of treachery and betrayal before the Prophet demands his soul.

The time has come for each player to claim his role in the First Lord’s masterful game. All will be tested, but only time will tell how many can survive the dagger of Adendigaeth.

dagger of adendigaeth

SO I finished book 1 and sat down to read Book 2. Right then, I realised this book would be the bridge. At that point, I still thought that this was a trilogy for some odd reason. So I figured this book was the bridge and the next book would tie all the loose ends together.

This book introduces more characters and is also as complex as Book 1 is. Perhaps, the only reason I was able to finish it so fast was that I was more attuned to the characters and I anticipated a few things based on the Epilogue in Book 1.

I am really wondering what I should do with my life, now that I have finished Book 2. I will purchase Book 3 immediately and start reading it, but the mere thought of being separated from this series is too much to bear.

When I was going through the reviews for Book 3, I realised that this wasn’t a trilogy and my happiness was…!!! I have never squealed so loudly, at 2AM in the morning! EVER! Well, you would, if you knew your favourite series has a lot more books to come.

The Dagger takes a huge leap in terms of Ean. This book was his to own through and through. And it belonged to the Prophet. The scenes with the Prophet filled me with dread and I felt chilled knowing that there were people who existed in the real world, those who had twisted minds like this.

Prince Ean val Lorian discovers his powers when he takes a leap of faith and joins the First Lord. Trell discovers his soulmate and love in Alyneri and also his identity. What happens when paths clash? What happens when Raine has to confront his largest fears? Why is Ean so important to the First Lord’s game? Why does everything follow a twisted pattern? Where is Tanis, the truthreader off to? What does he discover?

Ah! Questions and more!! This book spun around Ean and Tanis and how they discover the world. Ean traverses time and space as he pushes his boundaries. He must discover his identities, his growing fondness for Björn’s sister, Isabel and manage to cope with Markel Morrelaine’s gruelling lessons. Trell deals with attempts on  his and Alyneri’s life and Tanis explores the world with one of the Malorin’athgul. He faces grave danger but yet knows that his purpose may just have been to avert one of the demons from destroying the Adept race.

This book is just the perfect thing someone needs when they have a nice evening to spend. The evening will vanish into nothingness and you will be left totally zapped with the book and how it has gone. I have absolutely loved every minute of reading this book! IT also helped me with my studies because I was tense with an upcoming exam. The book helped to calm my nerves down!


If you haven’t picked up the books yet, I really recommend you do.

4.5 stars


9 thoughts on “Can It Get Any Better? – The Dagger of Adendigaeth (Pattern of Shadow and Light #2) by Melissa Mc Phail

  1. Hi again Niyati!

    I loved reading this review too – and yup – definitely Ean’s for me as well. I really like the adjective/adverb combinations you use to describe the book. It’s so much about patterns and opposites & the way you describe it is just beautiful. You have a pretty great writing style that I think really let potential readers know what the experience of reading a book is like 🙂

    Loved having you on the tours – and it was so worth the wait for your full reviews 🙂

  2. Niyati, thank you so much for reading and reviewing Cephrael’s Hand and Dagger of Adendigaeth. I’m so thrilled that you’re enjoying the series so far. I greatly appreciate your sharing your thoughts about it with your readers.

    • Thank YOU Melissa for writing this delightful series. I feel this empty void in my life because I finished reading the books. I’m delaying starting Book 3 because I know I won’t be able to wait for Book 4 then. How many books do you plan to write in the series? Write lots please 😀

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