Sound of Music meets Paranormal – The Lady in Yellow by Alyne De Winter

The Blurb Reads,

Tonight will be a howling night, when the wolves will not be still…

You’ve heard of the Woman in White and the Woman in Black, now meet The Lady in Yellow

From an early age, Veronica Everly has had a hard life. After the deaths of her actor parents, left at age five with an alcoholic aunt, she ends up in a the Catholic orphanage of Saint Mary’s to be cared for by the nuns. Now, approaching her nineteenth birthday, she is a hired as governess to two motherless children living in a stately home in the wilds of Yorkshire. Identical twins, Jacques and Jacqueline are also androgynous, magical, and clever enough to spook Veronica with their macabre fascinations.

When she meets their gorgeous father, Rafe de Grimston, Veronica is both attracted and repulsed by him. A mixture of tenderness and menace, dark secrets shadow his eyes, torment, and dread of his own nature.

Belden House proves to be wilder than Veronica could have dreamed. A mysterious bell tolls, wolves prowl the grounds, and under the full moon, a lady appears in an antique yellow gown whose eyes run red at the sight of Veronica.

What is the nature of the curse on Belden House? What is the source of the anguish that drives Rafe de Grimston away? What of the old church, Saint Lupine’s, with its wolfish shrine? Who is the lady in yellow?

Veronica is faced with choices no one as young and inexperienced as her should ever have to make. Shall she do what she must to save those she has grown to love, and destroy her own soul?
Or does she flee, and allow evil to devour them all?

Formerly a well-received Novella, this Victorian Gothic Thriller is now revised and expanded to a full length Novel
Revised and Expanded 2013

the lady in yellow

There are some books which absolutely knock you over your head. Some which make you wish you never had any other work so you could just read that book all day.

This is one of those books. I can’t begin to say how much I have loved this book. Every bit of it.

The story starts off in a very Sound of Music like scene where Veronica, who never fits in with the nuns, is looking out for a job and is sent to Belden House.

Now, this house is a place where lot of misgivings happen. Old and ancient spirits roam and secrets are rife. And there are no answers. Why are the children so weird? What is that unexplained tolling bell? Why does Veronica have blackouts? What is the mystery surrounding Sovay, the twins’ mother? Amidst all this maelstrom, can Veronica stop her heart from doing something foolish? When nobody gives her answers, can she find out the secret to the twins’ eccentricities and uncover the secret of the Lady in Yellow?

So many questions! And a brilliant book full of thrilling and spooky events happening. It felt like reading an extended version of R.L Stine again from childhood.

When Veronica wouldn’t get the answers she wanted, I would be confused too. The housekeeper Mrs. Twig displayed the classic signs of how to NOT deal with a problem. We all HATE dealing with problems, or getting into arguments. And so we AVOID. And that only exacerbates the original problem. I am glad Veronica persisted in her quest for the truth.

The other point I liked was that Veronica kept her faith. Science has argued for centuries about the non-existence of God. Yet miracles happen and we continue to experience atleast a small modicum of grace in our lives. I felt it was so nice that Veronica stuck to her faith in her God. It was great.

Indeed, like the book itself makes an analogy, Rafe de Grimston reminded me of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast with his brilliant blue eyes.

What do I even say about Sovay? What a character!!! Sent shivers down my spine every time she entered the picture.

I have absolutely enjoyed this book. I really recommend anyone and everyone to go for it!


My Rating: 4/5



5 thoughts on “Sound of Music meets Paranormal – The Lady in Yellow by Alyne De Winter

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  2. The article sounds really interesting and thrilling as well. I want to go through the novel for more info and thriller. Thank u for sharing otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it.

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