Chilling Gothic Collection – Brides of Darkness by Alyne De Winter

The blurb reads,

Dare to Open this Book!
A collection of four short stories and two novelettes steeped in Gothic mystery and suspense.

The Vampire’s Mirror: Analise’s fiance unwittingly gives her a most dreadfully cursed engagement gift.

The House Witch: An unlucky gambler loses the ultimate card game.

Priestess: A Roman priestess deserts the Temple of Diana to be hunted by a vengeful lover who vows to turn her in—-to her death.

Portrait of a Vampire: When artist Gina’s dance-away lover dies, she paints him back to lethal life.

The Red Masque: A French aristocrat escapes the Paris bloodbath only to find greater horror in his country estate.

The Strange Marriage of Lady Crawford: A bereaved lady in a creepy castle has a strange coming out party… and an even stranger wedding.

Brides of Darkness



I have always been a fan of the Horror genre but I have never read too much of it. I one click thousands of books but then reading them has always been a weak point. I had already read Alyne De Winter’s book, Lady In Yellow and then I was hooked to the paranormal thriller/ horror/ Gothic Horror genre.

This book starts off with an unexplained and a horrific story with unexplained taints on it. I was hooked. And then when it came to the ”Vampire’s Mirror, I couldn’t stop reading. This story is so dark, it totally grips you. The thing about this story is that you can understand Analise and you can understand her fiance and then at times you feel so very sad about the story but you also find yourself hoping the story takes a positive turn. This is the longest story in the book and is one of the best short stories I have read in a long time.

This story set the bar for the rest of the book, and I am so glad that it did not disappoint. A lot of times there are books which lose steam somewhere in between and slack, or an anthology may have stories which just don’t feel like they are a part of the book. But that wasn’t the case here. I was so very impressed and HOOKED!!!!!

Gothic horror, I felt, was such an unexplored genre. Or maybe I hadn’t explored it. I was fascinated by the weird and quirky stories and they appealed to all my tastes. I wish I had more stories to read.

Oh, yes about the other stories!! The House Witch threw such a curveball that I did not anticipate. I was really involved in the story when it took a turn which threw me off completely.

The Vampire’s Portrait was so chilling. You get sucked into the story, much like Gina, the protagonist and then before you know it, the book whirls off into an unpredictable ending.

The Strange Marriage of Lady Crawford was in reality, so strange that it had me wondering, what if something like this truly happened?! This is something you definitely should read. In a way, I feel this story is experimental. You must read it but I’m not sure you’ll like it.

The thing with Alyne’s writings are that they are not predictable. Just when you think something will go one way, it turns to the opposite direction. I have also come to know her as a person and I feel she is really genuine and she is a friend I will definitely want to keep close to me!!! That is the wonderful thing about the Indie Publishing world. You find people across the world who are


One thought on “Chilling Gothic Collection – Brides of Darkness by Alyne De Winter

  1. Ooh I have read a lot of horror story and some of them are better than others! I think this sounds like a very good book, and something I would like to read myself!

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