Motivational- The Waist Management System by Dr. Peter Windross

The Blurb reads,

How to stay fat: graze all day, watch a lot of TV and drive everywhere. Stay up late and always have yummy snacks at hand.

Dr Peter Windross has a better way. This book shows you why our bodies do what they do. This book explains why our minds are preparing us for a famine that never comes.

Our bodies and brains are hard wired for a world which is long gone. Our genes want us to live as hunter gatherers. But we are surrounded by more food than we know what to do with. We all lay down fat. We are very good at it. It is time to take charge and reverse the damage.

We all know the bad food tastes so good. It feels great to eat food with high calories. This used to give us a massive survival advantage which is why we all try to eat as many calories as we can lay our hands on. We then deliberately lie around, conserving these calories for a rainy day.

Our waistlines are expanding and it isn’t all our own fault.

Modern medicine and psychology now offer us help to reverse the downward spiral. It is all about making better choices every day.





This one’s a winner. Right here, we have a winner. What I’ve usually encountered with weight loss books is that they shame you about your weight or your waist and make you want to buy them. They claim their tips and tricks will help you lose weight. But weight loss, they say, is

90% Motivation 10% Hard Work

And that is what counts. When most books and indeed the entire world shames you for being a few kilos overweight, it seems like an uphill battle where it is just easier to give up than to embark on the arduous journey of weight loss. I’ve been there and I’ve given up plenty of times before I realised it just wasn’t done. Wishing and Wishing like the SECRET says, didn’t help. I needed to move my ass and do something about it too.

This book is simple. Don’t get me wrong. Simple can be Effective too. Sometimes, it is just what we need. 

The title of this book caught my attention, Waist Management- it sounds a lot like Weight Management and is catchy too so you want to read it.

This book has simple tips and tricks. It explains your body and how one tends to put on weight. What I liked the most are the 100 things to do better this week, like walking more, exercising a little more than before, parking further. It just shows that by taking small baby steps, a huge target is achieved. This really motivated me to do something more for my weight loss.

I’ve always heard that scheduling our eating times will help us get a flat tummy and here this book explains that too. It was fascinating to read about how the body has not evolved during all these years and how our mind still conditions us in case of diets to store the fat. I’ve always been against them and this book explains why.

I am also motivated to make my own journal about the foods I eat and check my cravings. I know a little more about my body now. I am also willing to make the change required to help my body adjust to a fitter and leaner lifestyle. 

My rating: 4/5


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