Good Intentions Gone Wrong- Jamie’s Blues by Vinod Kumar Sharma

The blurb reads (warning…blurb contains almost the whole story)

On a blind dating trip to London, Jamie was subjected to indignity and assault for being an American and a Black. Feeling disillusioned, he cursed his existence and wished to be teleported elsewhere, to a more amicable world. Next, Jamie and his crew were on a space mission. Vaccines, rodents, male sperms, and female eggs were on board the spacecraft for experiments. An accidental mix of vaccines turned the skin color of their white and black subject rats to a glossy blue. While Jamie and his crew were in space, the human race perished due to a nuclear holocaust. They returned to earth. Being the only survivors, they began to rebuild a new homogeneous world and vowed not to let the flaws of the earlier world surface again. They took the same vaccine as the test rodents and their skins turned blue. Their offspring were blue-skinned too. Centuries later, the new world was populated with blue-skinned males and females. This new blue world not only hated black-, brown-, and white-skinned humans but also exterminated them. And then one day a Black baby boy, also named Jamie, and Pam, a White baby girl, were born into this glossy blue world to two different sets of parents through IVF that used, out of ignorance, male sperms and female eggs stored on board the centuries-old spacecraft on display at a museum. To save such odd colored babies from extermination-the law of the land-the parents managed to hide their baby’s skin color with blue paste. With time, Jamie and Pam grew to adulthood. A day after they got engaged, the truth surfaced and they were sentenced to death by lethal injection. Their parents learnt of the vaccine that had first triggered the blue skin pigmentation and stole its remains from the museum to replace the death serum with it. Strapped to their deathbeds with the lethal injections given, the wait started. Were they exterminated, or pardoned? Or did the scene unfold differently?!! Experience the complexities of various situations. The story will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last moment. A journey full of adventure, action, romance, suspense, and …?

jamie's blues


The story seemed to be exciting. A futuristic world. And what transports Jamie to this world. From our racist world with all its tensions. But…

I tried to like this book I really did.

It was very well intentioned. It attacked everything wrong with this world. Be it the caste system, the racial discrimination and just how petty the world can be. And indeed, the world needs people to ask hard hitting questions. It needs people to ponder why violence is allowed to propagate and continue in the name of religion. And about why people think they can be superior because of their looks or skin colour.

But the let down for this book I figure starts with the blurb. It tells you the whole story in a nutshell. I felt rather cheated. Whatever was written in the blurb happens till about 90% of the book. Which leaves me to think, I spent all my time reading this book, only to find out what happens in the remaining 10%? That really got me riled up. I thought I would be leaving a 1 star review and thrashing the book.

But then I got to thinking about this new world without any religions, any boundaries and how everyone was considered one. That utopia was something I wish we all could live in today. It is such a contrast that somewhere people struggle to survive where on the other hand people are caught up in proving to the world how superior they are or their religion is.

The world is extremely fragile now. Which means something like what the author has written, can possibly happen. But that isn’t unique to the author. There are thousands of dystopias which work on the same concept. Which talk about a destroyed world. And that is where this book fails.

I have indeed read dystopia’s which are so hard hitting and are written so well that they have driven me to tears. This book is let down by its writing primarily. And the blurb. Those hard hitting topics merit discussion, but they are found almost everywhere as a food for thought. It wasn’t anything new which he got to the table. The way everything was described and the whole world which was created had a very “happily ever after” feel to it, and things went by extremely fast.

When Jamie and the others who were a part of the Humanity mission land on the earth, there was so much which could have been explored. The Earth was shattered by nuclear war. Yet talking about human relations at this point of time was something which was totally untouched. I feel this book could have been something else if the dystopia/utopia aspect was focused on well. Sadly, that was not to be.

I didn’t want to start the year with a DNF and I wanted to find out what happened. But I could have done that by reading the blurb and saved my money. In that sense, satisfaction totally not derived.


My Rating: 2/5

2 star


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