#Funky Mystery- An Unlucky Reunion (Ladies in Luck) by Odette C Bell

The blurb reads,

What if you’d come all the way home for a school reunion, only for a body to wind up in the yard? What if your teenage crush had become an insensitive but still seriously hot jerk? What if you wandered into a love triangle, only to lose yourself to entirely the wrong guy?

And above all else, what would you do if a serial killer was after you?

odette c bell

The circumstances which led me to reading this book are really funny. I had downloaded this book, free, I suppose, from Smashwords. I had it on my phone for the longest times, without me doing anything about it.

This year, I took an epic backpacking trip with my sister, across East Europe. Those photographs took up a lot of space on my phone and I was in a constant battle for space there. And I remembered the various PDFs I had on my phone. Which I could read. And then delete after I had read them. That way, I’d read a book. And I would make more space.

Kind of symbolic to our lives and a reader’s TBR list don’t you think? You need to get rid of the old, long outstanding books before you look at newer ones that you can now pick up and read.

I have a really bad habit on Goodreads. Whenever I start reading a book, I put the status as Currently Reading. Sometimes, I do that for books which I have and I want to read. So as on this date, I have an epic 88 books in my ‘Currently Reading’ pile which is ridiculous. It is also testimony to the fact that I need to renew my Scribd subscription (= can anyone send me a free trial invite??! Please! Pretty Please!) A lot of my books are from scribd, those I wanted to read when I had the free trial and somehow I missed.

Anyway, I digress. On the way from Berlin to Prague, I found myself bored and wanting a quick read. I had not carried any paperbacks because of the weight. While my sister read The Lord of the Rings, I cleaned my phone. And stumbled upon this jewel.

I didn’t think this book would be so much fun. It didn’t seem like a hardcore thriller or a murder mystery that would keep you involved. But it was fun.

I immediately liked Patti. She was a no-nonsense person and she somehow made me connect to her. I don’t have her aversion to school or even college for me, but I don’t know if I would like to go back there again. Also, Patti is witty and sarcastic, just the way I like it.

Patti meets her high school crush while she is staying at a broken-down motel in the small town she came from. And her life takes a tumble from then on.

Bodies start appearing. Bodies of random people. Who you probably didn’t even remember. Why were they being killed? Who was targeting them?

Patti finds her life intertwined with the murders and also her crush from high school. And all this through the POV of a fun character who gives back amazing answers. I felt the book was short and I absolutely loved Patti.

I loved this book simply because it did not give me a complicated story with  a lot of twists and turns. It was like watching an episode of Castle, without the big complications, a simple case, and a dash of romance.

I don’t know why I liked this book so much, but when I was there, reading in the train, this book was my companion. And I feel it deserves a good rating because it did make me laugh and smile and cheered me up immensely.

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts


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