#Thrilling – The Shillingstone Witch (Fiona Frost #4) by Bon Blossman

The blurb reads,

“Fiona has no clue her bright summer vacation is about to darken. Children are disappearing from the small town of Shillingstone, and the townspeople blame a legendary nineteenth-century witch. Her world changes as she becomes the target of a depraved entity and finds herself drawn deep inside of a corrupt investigation involving supernatural beliefs she never knew existed.

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OMG!! A slow internet connection means I lost my earlier review!!

Anyway, I absolutely loved this book. I crave for a good mystery novel and this one certainly fit the bill.

I sat curled one Saturday, with this book and then just kept reading it from cover to cover (well, ecover to ecover). AND I HAD TO! It was great!!

I literally left my work aside because I was so absorbed in the book. It didn’t take me that long to finish reading the book. But for the time I was reading the book, I was completely absorbed in it.

This book outlines Fiona’s fourth mystery (yet, the first book in the series that I am reading) and a quirky one at that. I’ve not seen many authors combine mystery and supernatural and I felt the author handled that well.

I think the reason that the book is intriguing is because all of us, at some level do not believe in the supernatural. We tend to disregard voices, ghosts or the like because it is not scientifically explained and Fiona is just like that.

It is ironic though, that a seemingly supernatural event draws Fiona to Shillingstone, to investigate the kidnappings happening there.

The rest of the book is chilling whenever the supernatural elements are involved. I try to solve every mystery that I read and I did not guess this one.

The reason I chopped one star off was the ending. Like the hit series, The Mentalist, this book spent a lot of time talking about the supernatural, the Shillingstone Witch, and the supernatural haunting Fiona. The actual kidnapper and his motive for the whole thing, was at best, weak.

It didn’t make sense for the culprit to have done what he did. And I felt the end was too abrupt. I could have used a little more.

I felt the explanation to the Supernatural was also weak and didn’t really tie up to the story. But it did provide interesting reading.

This book also provided a lot of food for thought in terms of a small town life. We always yearn for a small, easy going life but we don’t realise how integrated we are to the place we live in. It is only when we go and see an alternate lifestyle, that our own life looks a lot brighter.

But,but but!

I loved Fiona and Wolfe together. They make such a sweet couple. Wolfe reminded me of my special someone and that helped me warm up to the book a lot more.

I am definitely intrigued by Fiona and I do want to read more of her stories. So that is definitely a plus for me.


MY Rating: 3/5

3 star


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