#BookReview – Your Friend E by Anne Ousby

The blurb reads,

“‘Your friend E’ is a contemporary novel set in South Africa. Evie and Shon Adze aren’t just sisters, they’re soul-mates, and when Shon is brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Evie’s life is shattered. Her only consolation is that the murderer will be caught and punished but when he escapes and flees the country Evie vows that someone else will have to pay for her sister’s death. This ‘someone’ is another ‘murdering bastard’ sent to trial in a similar case and Evie focuses all her impotent rage on him. She makes a plan and moves inexorably towards her goal. Nothing deters her until she meets Dan Kinelly, an Irish journalist and her colleague on The Chronicle. Their blossoming relationship throws Evie’s resolve into doubt but when she discovers that Dan has been using her to get information about her sister’s murder she’s back on that single track — the track leading to vengeance.”

your friend e

‘d not followed much of the Oscar Pistorius case. My knowledge about it was sketchy at best when I had a chance to stumble upon this book. And this book made me contemplate a lot.

Murder is always such a gruesome topic. I enjoy reading murder mysteries and police procedurals. But all this looks at the murder purely from a riddle point of view. It looks at the facts with a view to punish the guilty and vindicate those who have suffered such a trauma.

But I’ve barely read books which spoke about how life comes to a standstill when someone you love departs you in such a gruesome fashion. Eventually, everyone is destined to die. What matters, is how that departure from takes place. Violent deaths prevent the loved ones from having closure, simply because of the unexpected nature of the death.

And this book was so much about it. I could feel Evie’s pain on losing her twin. Twins always seem to have that special connection, and she had lost hers in the worst way possible. This event destroyed Evie’s family as she knew it.

And I suppose that is what the whole premise of the book is. The part that TV serials and books don’t show. That part where even if justice is meted out, it never feels like it is enough. And that’s why this book is a good read.

I reserve my comments about the end because it left me feeling incomplete, but the book was brilliant. It evoked so many emotions in me. I felt like I was watching the scene unfold as if I was a spirit from the top and that was a novel experience for me. I do feel like the end needed to be written in a much better way and perhaps that is the only place I will deduct a few marks. I felt Evie had a very knee jerk reaction to what she did and the way the book ended was somehow very abrupt. Although, maybe that was what the writer intended. That when the cloud of grief bursts, and you realise that whatever you do has consequences far reaching than what you would have thought. And that itself is a learning from the book.


My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts



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