#BookReview – Lord of Fire (Fire Chronicles #1) by Susi Wright

The blurb reads,

The appearance of survivors into the city of Splendo, from a holocaust, sets into motion a quest which brings together the desperate human population and a small secretive clan, Gaians, led by their new lord, Luminor, who take up the quest in return for an alliance. Greatly significant, it is the fulfillment of Gaian prophecy, also their only chance of survival.Luminor uniquely possesses the Supreme Power that can assure victory, embarking on an adventure that takes many turns as he fulfills his destiny, following a strange compulsion to rescue a kidnapped human woman, slaying ferocious beasts and overcoming betrayal, as his magical powers are tested to the limit, before he can claim his soulmate and truly establish the Alliance

Lord of Fire cover


So the book started off very strong. It talked about an ancient race, the Gaians, and that was very interesting for me. I wanted to know about the race. I wanted to know about their history and about their origins.

The book talks a lot about Luminor and how his life changes after he meets someone. And how he takes steps towards his destiny. It was heartening to read about how Luminor’s life changes. Love changes everything and this book was testimony to that.

Reading about the Alliance that Luminor pursued was very interesting. It laid bare politics that happened in general administration and I wondered why people thought in petty ways

But apart from that, there were several issues in the book for me.

For starters, the story was very little like the blurb. The blurb made it seem like an epic fantasy whereas in reality, the book was a romance set in a fantasy scenario. Not so enjoyable, that downgrade. I know blurbs are supposed to entice you to the book, and this blurb did its part. But the story not playing as per the blurb did make me feel a little deceived.

Also, the book talks about fulfilling a Gaian prophecy whereas this prophecy is not talked about anywhere in the book.

Somehow, it seemed for me, that the author got too caught up in details, in the romance, to have any thrill left over for the Fantasy part of it. Merging a powerful clan with humans is never easy and this book didn’t do itself any favours by focusing ONLY on that part.

The book dragged on for so long in between, somehow I felt the book lost the plot in between. About 20% could easily have been skipped. Being a beta reader, I only wish these books were beta read before and these mistakes pointed out.

A serious note to authors: PLEASE INVEST IN BETA READERS. PLEASE. They will give you feedback about your novel and save you a lot of trouble post publication.

I also did not feel drawn into Luminor’s romance. I did enjoy him as a character, but his lady love!! My gosh! She exasperated me. She was absolutely stupid, and terribly spoilt and affected. I hate such women. In a way, I feel it sullies the general impression one has of women. And she was characterised in such a stereotypical way, that it turned me off instantly.

Another thing that did puzzle me, was that this book is supposed to be the first part of a series. I felt all the closure I could get from this story and this couple. I am curious about where the series will go.

My Rating: 2.5/5

A long time since I handed this rating out.

2 and a half stars






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