#Thrilling – Servant of the Skull (Skullspeaker Series #1) by Edita A Petrick

The blurb reads,

The moment Gia’s hands touch a skull, the living history of the skull’s owner bursts inside her head. Indeed, for as long as her hands rest on the skull, she is a prisoner of its life-history. When she receives a field assignment in Greece to reconstruct skulls of three victims who perished in a plane crash, she thinks it’s just for identification purposes. But nothing could have prepared her for the kind of situation she walks into. There are just as many family members who want her to do her job as there are those who’ll stop at nothing to prevent it. When the skulls prove to be fake, and a woman’s body is found on the bottom of the cliff, Gia knows the killer would rather see her dead than let her confirm the victims’ identity

the servant of the skull skullspeaker series 1


The blurb to this book was extremely catchy. And the prologue to the book was immensely attractive. I knew this had the potential to be a great book.

Gianna has always been special. She can touch skulls and learn their entire history in mere seconds. This sort of latent skill is dangerous and that’s precisely why Gianna gets into a field where she won’t have to deal with violent killings. Gianna works in museums, on private reconstruction projects, often where she won’t have to deal with violent deaths.

But her next assignment is something that throws a bit of a curve ball at her. She finds herself in Greece, bound by an onerous contract, to reconstruct skulls. A seemingly easy task, except somebody does not want the skulls to be found.

The book was very brilliantly set up. The mystery of the skulls and an ancient curse was something that kept my mind ticking throughout the book. I wanted to see what the mystery was with this book and that’s precisely why I continued reading it.

The discussions Gianna had while reconstructing skulls were fascinating and the mystery that had presented itself.

So, a family in Greece wants their father’s skull to be identified. His ex-wife needs it so that she can get some much needed funds from the will. The children want closure. And someone wants to make sure that Polyandros Laicos’s skull is not identified.

As Gianna went about connecting the dots, I connected the dots with her. I love those books that make you want to find out what happens and I read this book whenever I could. I absolutely loved Gianna as a character. I also wanted the plot to thicken and I definitely wanted to find out what was happening next. I wanted the threat to present itself and for Gianna to be embroiled neck deep in it.

I feel like the mystery in the book is excellent but the end was disappointing. I felt I wanted so much more to happen in the end. I guess I expected the book to give me something to go forward with, I wanted the end to be edgy, filled with thrills  but that wasn’t it. The end was pretty tame as compared to the prologue.

I don’t know what adventures will happen and whether it will feature Gianna. But while I was reading the end, I felt as though the epilogue and the book was done with Gianna. She suddenly left Greece after her work was done and there was nothing to suggest a continuity to the future books. I wonder though, what will come next, simply because the curse that binds the book together is a really fascinating one.

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts



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