#BookReview – Waves of Reprisal by Malcolm Little

The blurb reads,

Hanyma, a spirited young woman from the remote village of Kepler, is at a crossroads in her life. She wants to explore the unfamiliar, wide-open country outside her croft. But rumblings of dark, inexorable forces terrorizing the sparsely-populated continent dampen her aspirations.

That was before devastation gripped her. Now, driven by a wandering quest for vengeance, the headstrong survivalist struggles to combat a band of vicious marauders while simultaneously trying to comprehend all the strange phenomena discovered amidst ruins of technologically-advanced precursors.

Before long, Hanyma is thrust into circumstances beyond her ability to control, and she must team with an unlikely ally from a far-gone past who is determined to complete a mission of global importance. Whether that mission succeeds or not may well depend on the callow wayfarer from Kepler. Can Hanyma put aside her bloodlust when the fate of humanity beckons? Will it matter when pitted against the crushing weight of a powerful, inscrutable enemy?“

Waves of Reprisal Malcolm Little


So when I started reading this book, my record for Sci-Fi was disastrous. Although I was very good in Science when I was in school, I never read too much of this genre. And I have always been meaning to start.

This book is a juxtaposition of dystopian fantasy and science fiction. The book starts with Hanyma watching her village being destroyed. The time for civilised living is long gone and the world is a pale shadow of what it was earlier. The world has been destroyed by nefarious forces and all its knowledge lies buried in cyborg controlled hibernation centres. Hanyma, having witnessed brutes kill her family, decides to avenge them and follows the destruction causing squad as it wrecks village after village.

While trying to save herself, she finds a room where a machine gives her some printed instructions in a language she does not understand. And she finds herself face to face with a cyborg. The mission that they embark on is one to save and restore humanity and to fight against those people who are against this revival.

This was a great book to read. Albeit a bit long. Towards the end, I felt as if the narrative sagged and I just wanted the book to end. But it was a nice read.

I thought about the unsustainable way in which we lead our life today. We are so engrossed with our own lives. The emphasis is on ensuring that private enterprise goes ahead which is not bad, but we do so at the cost of ensuring a better world for us to live in. Look at how polluted our cities are, how hectic and stressful our lives are. And we do this with pleasure. We don’t conserve the environment, we don’t spread positive and good vibes around. And then when I read such books, I don’t doubt that all those dystopian books will be a reality some day. And that prospect scares me.

It was interesting to read that this whole book happens because of one man’s foresight to preserve his legacy and save humankind, this whole book takes place. It reminded me that no matter how good someone’s intentions are, there are always forces looking to tear those intentions down. And how committed one should be towards their dreams, especially when those dreams involve making the world a better place to live in.

I wondered how it would be, to live in a world which would be programmed by artificial intelligence. But when you consider how human emotions make them so fallible and gullible, perhaps a synthoid type precision is required to take decisions which require hard calls to be taken.

This was a good book. The fight sequences were great and I definitely want to see what is coming up ahead.


My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts



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