#Thrilling – Fear Has A Name (The Crittendon Files #1) by Creston Mapes

The blurb reads,

“How Far Would He Go To Keep Them Safe?

It was more than a break-in. More than a stalking. It waspersonal. When a stalker targets his family, journalist Jack Crittendon must uncover who the person is and what his motives are—if he is to protect the ones he loves. It will lead Crittendon into a world of behind-closed-door secrets and faith gone awry, as does his investigation of a missing pastor, whose apparent suicide is more than it appears. Each move Crittendon makes weaves him tighter and tighter into a web of lies, greed, hypocrisy, sin, and danger. He believed he’d never give in to fear. But that was before. And holding on to his faith won’t be easy. Nor will keeping his family safe, and ending the terror. Because that might require him to step over lines he never dared to cross.”

fear has a name

Woo hoo! I’ve broken the spell and started blogging again! Welcome 2016. You’re not as bad as I thought.

So I started this with the free trial of Scribd that I had going on. I had added this in my Currently Reading a while ago and then forgotten about it. This time, I decided, I’m going to look at the books I have shelved from Scribd before I pick new ones. What I usually do is, I read a book and then because I don’t want to forget which one it is, I add it to Currently Reading. Which is why my Currently Reading list looks so inflated.

So, this book is precisely why I love Scribd so much. It is amazing for throwing up recommendations like this one. This one is a horror cum mystery book and I have to say, it lives up to both the genres.

The story starts off with a break in. Straight away. And the writing is so brilliant, you feel that fear right away. It comes and attacks you right then. That something is happening. You get bad vibes and instantly, you’re scared. (Try reading this book at night. Alone in a room. It really accentuates the writing)


“Who is it?” She searched the man through the glass. He clamped the doorknob. “Open!” The hardware made a sickening racket. “Get out of here!” Her stomach turned. “I’m calling the police!” She rushed for the phone in the kitchen. Boom! Pamela halted, turned toward the noise at the door, and gawked in horror as the stranger bent over and drove his shoulder—the size of a medicine ball—into the door, splintering the wood frame. BOOM! “Mo-omm-my?” Rebecca cried from the top of the steps. She was clutching Peep, her favorite doll. “Who’s banging at the door?” “Get down here, now. Both of you!” But as soon as the words left her mouth, Pamela realized she couldn’t wait. She shot up the stairs, swept up both girls, and plunged back down. Each frantic step felt like an adrenaline-laced nightmare. As they passed within four feet of the front door, the glass shattered. “Ahhh!” Pamela shrieked, dashing away from the eerie closeness of the intruder, hoping the girls wouldn’t see the man, but their little eyes were huge. Rebecca let loose a terror-ridden scream. Faye was frozen. Pamela kept going, like a soldier bolting through a minefield, with both girls locked in her arms, one thought in her brain: get out. 

This is what the book starts with. Abject fear at having your house broken into.


The book is a Catholic fiction based book with strong hints drawn from the Christianity faith. The lead, Jack, and his wife Pamela, are devout Catholics and this theme draws heavily into the book. However, unlike some of the Christian Fiction books I have read, where religion overpowers everything else, but this one was not like that. It was excellently written.

The book follows this break in. It also gives us a glimpse into Jack’s anger problems and a blast from Pamela’s past. This blast wants to derail Pamela’s reality and that is the core of the book.

However, it is written really well. There is so much of drama that you find yourself turning page after page to find out what happens next. Pam’s upside down journey and the stalker’s persistence seems to be tearing apart Jack and his ability to deal with reality.

This he has to deal along with his job, as a news reporter.  A pastor’s disappearance is also of importance to the book and how it ends.

That is what I really loved about the book. I could see Jack and his need to keep his family safe. I could sense Pamela’s loving nature overtake her sensibilities towards the end. And I could see how faith, and love for each other kept them alive and going.

The thing about reading thrillers is the rush you get while reading them. Things move so fast, you want to stay in the moment and experience them before they are gone. And when it comes to writing, especially for books that are good, I find words are inadequate to convey that I stayed up nights trying to read this and find out what happened next. Or that I was truly scared for Pamela and I wondered how scary it would be to have a stalker. Or that if I was married and something like this happened to me, how would I react? Those are post-mortem analysis’ that can be done.

However, I can’t deny, this book was an immense rush and it sort of validated why I love this genre. It keeps me on a high, it keeps my mind ticking and that is what I believe constitutes a successful book.

This was a brilliant book and I will definitely be following the works from the author.


My Ratings: 4/5


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