#BookReview – Random Bullets by Joy Mutter

The blurb reads,

“Set in Jersey, Cornwall, Manchester, London and other places not of this world, Random Bullets is a contemporary crime thriller with a paranormal twist. After shooting and killing his nephew, a gunman runs wild in a London park. What drives Edward to commit such heinous acts? Who will survive yet another of his moments of madness?”

This is a story about a murder. And the things that lead to the murder and how the different characters are interconnected. It’s actually quite well written, even though a little heavy on the details and characters.

The central point of the book really made me think. A person is not always driven to commit heinous crimes. There is always something that pushes him/her to the precipice. And that is what made me think. I mean Edward, the villain spent his whole life being pushed down and humiliated. This pushed him over the precipice.

It was nice to see details about the lives of people who were impacted by the incident. I mean you often wonder about the people who die in accidents when you hear about it and this book had a lot about them as well.

I really felt bad for Edward, and at the same time, the learning I took was that it’s really important for a person to be in charge of their own life. I mean, incidents keep happening. Life doesn’t go as per one’s wishes and that being so affected by external circumstance is not the right way to go on. I could explain Edward’s reasons for doing what he did but that would be the spoiler.

The book’s title is apt, Random Bullets. When a person lashes out, the most unintended victims are those who are not connected to the matter. These are the random bullets that hurt.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a tad heavy on the details like I mentioned but a good read nonetheless.