#BookReview – The Social Entrepreneur’s Step by Step Guide by Chris Bouchard

The blurb reads,

Have you ever wondered what owning a business would feel like? But more importantly, have you wondered what YOUR business could do for the people around you? If your answer is a yes, then maybe you should give social entrepreneurship a chance. Business for the Soul: The Social Entrepreneur’s Step-by-Step Guide to Success is a book for those who are interested in understanding the various concepts of a social enterprise, its pros and cons, and how to become a competent social entrepreneur. This guide will offer a comprehensive understanding of the development and management of a social enterprise for beginners as well as professionals. The author, Chris Bouchard, is a successful social entrepreneur and experienced grant writer himself and his work is based on his past and present experiences in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Business for the Soul offers its readers the implements, concepts, noteworthy tips, and a strategic approach that will definitely help those in need of wise counsel on starting a social enterprise, conducting the daily business operations and leading your organization and programs to success. The author has illustrated how social prospects and resultant entrepreneurial activities could be defined and carried out, setting the stage for future development of this exciting global phenomenon.”
I happened to come across this book and bought it on an off chance that it will be something I will need for my own business and I was right. This book is a small book but it has a LOT of knowledge. Let me be clear, it is a book for beginners. It has a lot of basic ideas for someone who doesn’t know where to begin and what to do. In that sense, having everything so succinctly explained is a great tool to have. 
The book covers a lot of different avenues going right from the structure of a business to project management which is a logical extension of the business. I feel this is a great blueprint for a business owner or even someone who wants to start out on their own.