Reading Challenges- 2014


So Here I decided to give myself 14 random challenges to read different types of books in the coming year!! These challenges are completely my own and I’d love for you to join in and share experiences!!

Here they are!!

1. Read a Trilogy

2. Complete an ENTIRE SERIES consisting of 5 books or more

3. Read 3 books from the 1001 Books to Read Before I Die (=List on my Blog)

4. Read 20 19 books by INDIAN AUTHORS

5. Read atleast 5 4 Cozy Mysteries

6. Read 1 Poetry Book

7. Generate a Random Word for a month and read books starting with that letter

Random Words for months after June are




September- RECLINE




8. Read 10 9 Dystopian Novels, 10 9 Paranormal Books, 10 New Adult Books

9. Read 5 Books for Children (=It helps to go back to your childhood sometimes!!!)

10. Read 10 9 Books and Be the FIRST ONE TO REVIEW THEM ON AMAZON!

11. Read 10 books which Top Lists on Goodreads (= 10 Individual Books Topping 10 Different Lists!)

12. Read 1 Travel Related Book

13. Read 2 books related to Spirituality and Healing

14. Read 8 books under “Horror” genre, 8 books under “Historical Romance”, 8 books under “Urban Fantasy”

15. Read Books written by authors  from A-Z

16. Read books about or having a theme of a Country for 54 Countries (Damn Random Number Generator!!)

All Challenges are Mutually Exclusive, one book entered for one challenge will NOT  BE ALLOWED for the other challenge!! Phew I hope I can do this!!!


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