#GuestPost – America’s Reality Today by Jamell Crouthers

The concept behind me writing America Under Mind Control was to enlighten people on how much we are controlled mentally on a daily basis. What we fail to realize is society programs and trains our minds to act and be a certain way. Whether we know it or not, we surely don’t take the time to understand the messages being conveyed to us everyday.

From the moment we are coherent and able to speak as little children, there are messages being told to us. While we don’t realize that as children, as we get older, we should start to grasp the concept that the world does anything and everything to control our minds and keep us separated from each other.

Let’s just take the education system for example, which is something I do delve into toward the end of my book, do you remember anything that you were taught in school? Besides the basics of learning the alphabet, learning to write and simple functions of math, how much of what you were taught actually relates to your life?

You ever take the time to question what you were taught in your history books and science books? Probably not because you took everything those teachers taught you at face value. Meanwhile, a lot of it were all lies but at this point, how much do we care?

We were taught to be obedient in school, respect authority, don’t question what you’re being told. You ever catch yourself sitting with someone or in a meeting with people and you have your hands folded most of the time? Yup, that was indoctrinated into your mind and you subconsciously do it now because you did it so much repetitively that it’s ingrained in your mind.

This all works perfectly into a Corporate America environment where you are to respect authority, don’t challenge the big bosses and do what your told. America teaches you to go to college, bury yourself in debt, get a plethora of degrees only to be paying loans back a large percentage of your life which makes you what?

You ever notice you’re not taught the most important aspects of life? Critical thinking, cognitive thinking, challenging yourself and others. The most important things you learn in life you learn on your own or through others, opening a bank account, money management, stocks and bonds, buying a car, buying a home, building and growing your own business. Imagine if we were taught through hands on experiences (which is what life mostly is when you think about it), but that’s not what the rich and wealthy want from you.

Take the time to just think about that alone and then imagine how many other things the wealthy people are doing to control your mind. I tackle things such as music and radio, television, our shopping habits, print media, gun control, technology, credit cards, gambling, student loans, the food you eat, politics, diseases and medicine and many other things.

Until we start understanding and realizing the world around us, we will continue to be average, we aren’t meant to live a life like that. If you have an open mind about life and the world, my book is definitely worth reading, it’s available on Amazon and other bookstores.

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Website: www.aquarianmind.info
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I was bullied as a child, says S.J Hermann, author of Morium

After self-publishing his Urban Fantasy novel, Morium, S.J Hermann gets candid about his life and writing.



Q: How did you start writing?

A: I used to write stories way back in High School. Started many, and finished none of them. I never found the motivation to complete the ones I started. 


Q: How has the self publish journey been?

A: It has been more work than I anticipated. More work has gone into marketing the book than actually writing it. As the release date gets closer, nerves start to take over, and I keep asking myself if there was anything I may have missed. I have read my story so many times, none of it makes sense. All the letters become a jumbled mess like a crossword puzzle.


Q: Tell me about your childhood

A: I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Most of my book Morium relates to some of my experiences growing up, with the exceptions of gaining special abilities. I was bullied during my school years and at least one of the things that happen to one of the characters happened to me.


Q: What do you do when you encounter ‘writers block’ 

A: Move on to do something else. I take step away from the computer. If I get stuck on a certain part, I forget about it, then it usually hits me when I least expect it. I am a painter so I usually go and paint a landscape to clear my head.


Q: What more do we see from you ahead?

A: I am currently writing the second part of the Morium trilogy. After that, I have many more stories floating in my mind.


Q: Any tips for newbies?

A: Write. Write some more. Then write even more. Never give up even if you think your story is not good enough. Who knows, you might have a diamond in the rough waiting to be unleashed to readers everywhere.


Thank you so much for that lovely interview!


I wanted to Talk About How Vampires Came into Being, says Indie Author C.J Black

His book took on so many others and spoke about the ORIGINS of Vampires! It really made me believe this book is the Mother of ALL VAMPIRE BOOKS!

Read my review HERE!


1. Tell me about yourself

A: My name is Paul Gibson ( Craig Jack Black or C.J Black) I am the Author of The Bloodline – Forbidden Hunger. I live in the North East of England in a small town called Yarm. I am 28 and live with my life long partner and best friend. I have one older brother called Lee who lives in Wales and my wonderful and supporting parents Craig and Annette Gibson who have supported me through my journey and encouraged me to write. My passion is writing but never use to be, I’m a huge Sci Fi fan and I love thrillers and horrors. Reading and watching movies. I love to read mainly vampire genre. Rachel Cain, Lyndsay sands, some of Stephaine Myers work and Ann rice.


2. How did you think about this series, considering there are so many Vampire Books already?

A: I know how hard it is to jump out, specially when there is so much competition out there in the same Genre. However I managed to find loop hole in most stories which would frustrate me when reading. For example it would based in one time of year or the word vampire is never explained how it came about it was thrust into the book as “I am a vampire” there was no history to it. So I decided I wanted to create a world of fantasy and fact. something you can relate to and also allow you mind to wonder and create the world you read.

I stripped back to the bare bones and started again, starting before birth to adult. The journey really begins there and I am having so much fun writing new and intriguing ways for Amelia (Zanette Amelia). I believe certain people will be able to identify with most aspects of the book and indeed with Amelia herself. Yes its fiction but her emotions are all Fact.


3. Tell me about your journey to writing

A: I think I mentioned that I was never really a writer before all though I dabbled with it when I was younger. Fact is I am also currently looking after a relative battling cancer and to be honest you spend a lot of time in hospital with appointments. So as a hobby I decided to write to pass the time away. It was only then that I realised I was allowing my hands to write a story that became a sensation with others. I would draw from my very own experience with emotions and situations to really bring my character alive. But the biggest inspiration for my novel is my Father. I thought if he can battle a what we all dread and still stand up strong, positive and supportive. I knew I could too. and so I thank him every day through this battle that he ended up showing me the path. What an inspiration he has been.


4. How has the journey of Self Publishing been?

A: Gosh where to begin. Self Publishing is easy, its the leg work you have to do which is hard and expensive. Long hours and seven day weeks. Its also rewarding to know you did this yourself. Published or self published are equally challenging in many ways. But I would not change my journey for anything as it has taught me that you only get out of life what you put it. As my father use to say to me and my brother throughout our life, you have to work for it. it is not going to be handed to you on a plate. And Dad you are right. but you learn and grow. So self Publishing is hard but rewarding.

image (3)

5. What has been the most motivating factor?

A: I think there is didn’t factors to this question. First I have to say again my Father for his bravery and support. Second Music is a big thing, because if you get stuck on a certain part of your book listening to music that is empowering to you can really open up the mind and allow so many thoughts to flood it. Third – Fresh air, new surroundings and of course reading. Sit back and watch people, how they act, what they do, how they feel you’ll be surprised at how life in front of you can truly help you write without even realising it.


6. Any tips for newbies!?

A: Oh YES! never give in. don’t worry about your work too much. Relax and let the juice flow while you write. There are some things that will happen 1. you will have a block 2. you will find that your writing is going quicker and is not using up as much paper as you wanted making you panic 3. you will have other ideas for a different novel and want to write more than one at a time thinking you can manage.

Remember that it will all come in time. Breathe, relax and don’t put on your shoulders more than you can cope with.


There is always people to help, just remember to ASK?

image (1)

7. How have the sales been going? I’ve seen that your book is featured on a few blogs! Congratulations!!

A: Sales are slow but steady, my main aim is to get my profile out there. The sales will come later. If they know me then they will know my work. I am trying hard and I will never give up.

People’s feed back about my book so far has been amazing. If I can turn a couple of non vampire readers wanting to read the next I must be doing something right. 🙂



Thank you so much for this wonderful interview!

I Take my Coffee Very Seriously, says a Cheerful Jo Sparkes

Jo introduces herself in the following words,

Birr-Elixir-OptimizedBorn in Rison, Maryland, which is ‘no sir’ spelled backwards. Studied martial arts — and lacking any natural ability, made every mistake along the way. Eventually the old adage, “a white belt is a black belt that never quit” proved itself. 

I’ve published articles, watched commercials I wrote on television, and helped on set with various projects and corporate videos. Past member of the Pro Football Writer’s Association, when I covered the Arizona Cardinals for a popular fan website. Unofficially (very unofficially) the first to interview Emmitt Smith as a Cardinal. 

Did a short stint on a local children’s television show, wrote pilots for some wonderful producers, and have been in development on a feature script of mine. Four feature scripts, actually. I’ll let you know when we get the green light. 

Discovered the wonderful world of teaching at The Film School at SCC. There is so much talent in the world. It’s an honor and joy to facilitate creativity.

At this very moment we (the husband and Oscar the dog) live in Portland, Oregon. It’s sort of like living in Rivendale — without the ears. 

She’s the talented author of The Birr Elixir (Legend of the Gamesman #1)

Read my review of The Birr Elixir here!

Read my previous interview with Jo here!!

Thinking of a New Plot

Thinking of a New Plot

Jo’s one of the most down to earth and nice persons I know. She is always eager to write for me and is supportive to the pin. Her writing is excellent, without question. But Jo, as a person, is genuine, warm and loving. You really want good things to happen to her always once you’ve interacted with her.

In today’s interaction, we see EXACTLY HOW MUCH FUN she can be!! She answers some fun-filled questions

Q: Your Favorite Cartoon?

JS: Tom and Jerry.

Q: The First Book You’ve Read

JS: It wasn’t the Secret Garden, but probably something similar. I did read every Nancy Drew mystery I could find.

Q: Your favorite author and why

JS: I love Maeve Binchy and Jeffry Archer. They always suck me in. They both feel very human to me – somehow capturing bits that make us all frightening and heroic almost simultaneously.

Q: If You were a Biscuit what would you be?

JS: One of those Scottish shortbreads. Deceptively simple, yet somehow perfect in the right moment.

Just don’t sugar-coat me.

Q: What new are you writing these days?

JS: I’m halfway through the second book in The Legend of the Gamesmen series. Marra is in very deep trouble right now.

Beyond that, I’m working on a sort of supernatural horror in the Caribbean. It’s a beach read, and a story I’ve had in my head for a long time. Probably a year away from being released.

Q: A quirky Jo says?!!

JS: Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!  Err – where were we going?

Pondering Plots

Pondering Plots

QIf I came to your house, what would I find?

JS: An Arizona Cardinals football helmet (autographed by Larry Fitzgerald), a wall of books – some that I’ve owned since I was five – and coffee beans. I take coffee very seriously, and grind my own fresh every morning.

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Jo’s wonderful book can be found

On Amazon-http://www.amazon.com/Birr-Elixir-Legend-Gamesment-Volume/dp/0985331836

On Barnes and Noble-http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-birr-elixir-jo-sparkes/1115470299?ean=9780985331832

On Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17904468-the-birr-elixir

On Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BirrElixir



Continue to Write Even if You Hit a Wall, says Debutant Julie Ryan

Jennas journey largeWe had a rather interesting start, Julie and I. We followed each other on Twitter and when I put a tweet stating my availability as a beta reader, she replied asking for me to read her debut novel ‘Jenna’s Journey’. What followed was a spellbound me reading her Greek Mystery and then finally turning reviewer for her.

She returns to Books, Food and Me as an interview participant today!

1. Tell me about yourself!

I come from Yorkshire in the North of England originally and went to University in Hull where I studied French Language and Literature.  I spent many years travelling and teaching English as a Foreign Language before returning to the UK. I now live in rural Gloucestershire in South-West England with my husband and young son and a dippy cat with half a tail. I still work part time as a distance language tutor as well as running a small post office so I don’t have a lot of free time. When I do you are likely to find me writing or with my head in a book as reading is my passion. I love many types of genre but especially novels set in foreign countries, contemporary romance and historical fiction.


The Local Church

I suppose the writing gene has always been there. At school I was always writing short stories but got told off by my teacher for being too much like Enid Blyton. She was my inspiration and I am convinced that my love of reading and writing stem from her influence. Then life got in the way, like for so many people, but on moving to the country I found I had the perfect lifestyle in which to develop my dream of writing a novel. I truly believe that life is full of coincidences, some of which are just meant to be. The catalyst for me was meeting fellow author Linn B Halton as she has given me so much encouragement, not to mention technical advice.

3. Tell me about your travels

At the age of eleven I remember telling my parents that I wanted to be a French teacher. I absolutely loved learning a foreign language and discovering how people in other countries live. I didn’t actually go abroad though until I was seventeen when there was a school trip to Germany. After that there was no stopping me. I spent a year as an ‘assistante de langue’ in a school in France. This was a fantastic experience and broadened my cultural horizons considerably. I trained to teach French which I did for a while and then before long I was off again, this time to Greece. I wish I could say it was love at first sight but arriving in Thessaloniki in the early hours of the morning after travelling by train for two days didn’t endear me immediately to the country. Greece, however, grows on you and once I visited the islands I was in love with everything Greek. This love has stayed with me throughout my life. A totally different but no less enjoyable stay was teaching in Bangkok in Thailand. This was so different to anything I had experienced before as there was literally something different to see around every corner. The sounds and smells and sheer hustle and bustle made a lasting impression on me. For a complete contrast my final travels were to Poland, a real shock after the heat of Thailand to find winter temperatures of minus 15. I felt a real empathy with the people who were very hospitable. I never did get used to the shots of neat vodka though!

The Dippy Cat

The Dippy Cat

4. How close are you to your characters?

Many writers put a lot of themselves into the protagonist of their first novel and I’m no exception. The idea came about when I was gazing out of my window one snowy wintry morning and idly wondered how my life would have been different if I had stayed in Greece instead of returning to the UK. In a way Jenna started out as an alter ego but by the end she had developed a personality all of her own. The moment I realized this was when she ‘spoke’ to me. Her original name was to have been Jenny but it became clear that it didn’t suit her so I had to change it. Although there are elements of me in her, she has become a ‘person’ in her own right. The rest of my characters are pure figments of my imagination but a writer draws on all of life’s experiences and adapts them as necessary.

5. What have you planned for your characters further?

My original goal was simply to write a novel. However, once I’d finished ‘Jenna’s Journey’ I found it very hard to let go. I didn’t want to write a sequel though as the novel is self-contained but as the setting was still so fresh in my mind, I found myself writing a second novel set on he same island but with different characters. Some of the minor characters from ‘ Jenna’s Journey’ will also be making an appearance. That’s the intention at any rate but as ‘Sophia’s Story’ is still very much a WIP, who knows how it will develop?

6. Tell me about your childhood

Julie's Very Own Superman

Julie’s Very Own Superman

I had an idyllic childhood growing up in Yorkshire with my two sisters. I was always the one to be found skulking in a corner with a book and loved being transported to different worlds. I suppose I was quite an introspective child but I always came alive in drama lessons where I loved to act out the plays we were studying at school. I still indulge this extrovert side of my character today as I belong to a local amateur dramatic group. There wasn’t a lot of money around when we were kids but my parents more than made up for it in love. As the eldest of three girls I’ve often wondered how your sex and position in the family influence your future. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been so bossy if I’d been the youngest for example, or maybe I’d have been less independent if I’d had an older brother? It’s an interesting idea so maybe I can use that in another novel?

7. A funny travel experience

I don’t know how familiar any of you are with driving in Bangkok, but for a Westerner the streets are an absolute nightmare, especially when you can’t read the signs! One day a friend and I were driving in a car loaned to us by the company we worked for. It was small but quite nice with tinted windows and Thai registration plates. My heart sank as we were stopped by a police car and beckoned to pull over. We had no idea what we had done wrong and to this day I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a scam or if we had inadvertently broken some traffic regulation. Anyway, with heart in mouth and expecting to be arrested at any point soon or at least have to pay a huge fine, we wound down the tinted window. The look on the very young policeman’s face was a picture as he muttered the Thai for ‘oh no, a foreigner’ – that was the only bit we understood. Obviously deciding that the paperwork wasn’t worth his time, he groaned, gave us a ticking off and let us go. Huge sigh of relief all round!

8. Tell me some quirks!! A writer always has some peculiar habits :p

Quirks? Me? None! Well not unless you count always having a full cup of coffee by my side when I write but becoming so engrossed that I never drink any of it. Same routine every day. You would think I’d have learned by now, but I still do it. I also have to use my lucky pen for making notes. It’s nothing special but it’s the one I started using at the beginning and it would be unlucky to change it now.

9. How has the self publishing journey been?

I love the fact that anyone can self-publish a novel. The world has changed so much in just a few years and it’s marvelous to think that people in far-flung countries can read my novel. It’s been a steep learning curve as I knew nothing about how the system works but with the help of friends, I am proud to have published my novel on Amazon. The worst part was the editing and formatting but it’s been well worth it as I want my book to be the best that it can be. I don’t like sloppiness so it was important to me to check for basic grammatical errors.

Julie's Greek Urn

Julie’s Greek Urn

10. I actually became friends with you via Twitter!! How helpful has that been on your journey?

I can honestly say that before I’d written my novel, I didn’t have a Twitter account and only had about ten friends on Facebook whom I preferred to email. Then I was reliably informed that if I wanted to sell books then I needed an online presence. I’m not totally convinced that tweeting and posting  will sell my books but then I wouldn’t have met you otherwise and it’s a good way to interact with people. I don’t think it works if all you do is advertise, you need to really engage people.

11. A penny for your thoughts?!

At the moment my mind is turning over different possibilities for my WIP. I don’t think my thoughts would be worth anything as it stands as my brain feels like scrambled eggs just now.

12. Some tips for new authors

Persevere! Even if you don’t feel like writing or have come up against a brick wall, try to write every day. Just 500 words per day means you could have a novel written in three months. Oh, and don’t expect it to be easy, the hard work starts when you’ve finished writing.


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“I’m Just Waiting for Hollywood to Call Me”- Cristiane Serruya in an Exclusive Q&A

Cópia_de__DSC6054-1While she is one of the nicest people I have ever known, her books are mean. She is the sweetest on mail but she means business when it comes to her books. Filled with Explosive Adult content, jaw dropping scenes, revelations and some of the nicest scenes I’ve read. Not to mention all those Castles which the characters own!!

Cristiane joins us for an Exclusive Question and Answer session and also offers to answer questions that YOU, the reader asks!! Please do take two minutes to fill out the feedback form and leave your questions for Cristiane.

Cris talks about her characters, the books, her research for those *STEAMY* scenes and writing

1) How has Trust changed your life?


Before I started writing, I worked as a lawyer, as you already know, full-time. But I was very unsatisfied with the Brazilian justice because I have always felt that children and women are still very much abused. Too many cases still go unpunished because they are very hard to prove and there is a chauvinist view of these abuses – or rather, let’s use the real word, crimes. And I’m talking about many types of abuse: verbal abuse, violence and sexual violence.

Now, I’m writing about this and I can talk freely and I can punish those men with my own hands. Because there is a thin line  between abuse and a hot alpha male.

I’m totally dedicated to this now, although I still have a few cases that I’m finishing.

13402) A release of your story, in two sentences?


Sophia, Ethan and Alistair are wealthy, good-looking, intelligent and successful in their own fields. But they all have deep scars from terrible events that happened in their lives, even ending with the death of a loved one. When they meet, on billionaire Europe, in late 2009 and early 2010, love, drama and jealousy ensue and their encounters will change their deepest certainties and alter their outlooks on life, as only love can.

(That’s beautiful Cris at a function!! ————————————————————————>)

3) Tell us a little bit about the conflict in TRUST.


Trust: A New Beginning is a love story where, just as in real life, it doesn’t matter if you are rich and powerful, if you wear Channel or drive a Mercedes 722SRL, bad things – and good – will happen to you. Yeah, money helps and rich people’s lives may seem easier, smoother, but when tragedy strikes, it does with a vengeance that shocks because they weren’t expecting it. They didn’t think the problems would reach them.

My trilogy tells the story of three main characters that have almost everything in life, but love. They have a lot of life history and so many secrets hidden in their past that they’ll need to relearn how to trust and give themselves the chance to begin anew. So, Trust: A New Beginning seemed appropriate. All the titles of my books come from something one of the characters has said somewhere in the book. *grin* Sophia, Ethan and Alistair help me a lot.

4) Introduce us to your main characters. 


Sophia is a 25 year old Brazilian lawyer that moved to London after a tragic incident. She is intelligent and loves her work. Sh

truste is beautiful but doesn’t care about her beauty. She is a loving mother. Well, she sounds perfect, doesn’t she? But, yes, she has imperfections. Many! She gets angry, she is anguished, she is stubborn, so on and so forth. I like characters that have imperfections, it shows that they are human.

Ethan is an intelligent, wealthy and handsome man. But deep troubled and hurt in his soul. He is like so many deranged and troubled people that infest our world today. He’s the fruit of horrible parents, who, one way or another, profoundly hurt their offsprings because they are selfish, criminally negligent or perverted. I do believe in John Locke’s principle that people are born tabula rasa. Children need care and education. They need limits and love, so they can grow healthily and learn to live in society.

Alistair, as Ethan, is very intelligent. He had a very kind and gentle family. However, intelligence doesn’t mean that the heart is protected. Alistair has a very high-sex drive and he was tangled in his late wife’s web that only wanted his status, wealthy and stamina.  She has had a gorgeous woman, selfish and manipulative. She introduced him to BDSM and when he established some rules, she rebelled and in the end killed their daughter and herself in a car accident. She transformed his gentle and caring soul in an angered and tortured man that believes he doesn’t deserve to be loved and lives to punish every woman that wants him.

5) How did you research for the book? Especially the (spoiler alert) Castles in Scotland?7200f-evening2bfalls2bon2beilean2bdonan2bcastle252c2bscotland


I’ve lived in London, and other many countries in Europe. Also I have traveled a lot. I have been to most of the restaurants, tearooms, hotels and castles that I described. And a little bit of imagination does wonders.

6) The book is FILLED with HOT, HOT, HOT scenes!! What helped you write those *Naughty Grin*


Very good question! *wink* And you are very curious, aren’t you?

Well… I do sex and who doesn’t do it, wants to do it. I’m 43 years old and have been married for almost 21 years. So, I think I have learned something during this time.

My Law School thesis was about Women and Child Abuse and I’ve heard many causes been told and I had inclusive to write about them.

7) What is the Special Surprise in TRUST: Betrayed?


TRUST: BETRAYED journeys back into the past to reveal the secrets and dark deeds of Sophia, Ethan and Alistair. Each one of them will need to overcome their guilt, fear and pain and learn to see themselves through forgiving eyes. The name reveals that betrayal is something can be done in many different ways.

The book is huge: 558 pages, but the story flows smoothly and fast. cris

Sophia decided to start a serious relationship with Alistair, what drives Ethan crazy. In the sequel, we can see that a man is capable of many things when the subject is the woman he loves. But, at the same time, the flashes of Ethan’s past helps us to understand a bit of everything he feels.

On the other hand, Alistair tells Sophia all about his past life. And, OMG, the man has suffered! And still does! His dead wife’s ghost still chases him, and he can’t stop feeling guilty about what happened with his daughter.

And what can I tell about Sophia? If you thought she was a perfect woman while reading the first book, please, read this one. Her past is not as amazing as she pretends to be. The woman regains her memory and shows she is totally controlled by her emotions.

Well, it’s hard to share much of the story without giving it away, and I really don’t want to spoil the surprise. (We Wouldn’t want THAT!!)

8) Have you considered making a film out of this?


Well, I’m just waiting for Hollywood to call me. Do you know somebody there? 🙂

9) Can We Have a Family Photo Please?

Yes!!! Here you go!! My daughters, Raphaela and Giovanna and my loving husband!! The Second one is me and my husband!!

Noivado Janet 361











That makes two very lovely photographs!!! You have a beautiful family Cris!!!

Cris has released her Second book in the Trilogy called TRUST: BETRAYED. It is waiting for a fresh pair of hands to read it!!

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Feedback form for Q&A with Cristiane Serruya

Please do send in your questions and Cristiane and I will be very glad to answer them!! You can send Cristiane the naughty ones too as she will very gladly answer them!!

About the Author

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with my husband and two daughters. I’m a lawyer, who specializes in cases of sexual abuse and violence against children and women. I also have a Masters in Business Law and a BA in Fine Arts.
I’ve always loved to read, write and listen to music. I lived and studied in England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Traveling is one of my passions – as is keeping fit and healthy.
After twenty-two years of practicing law, I decided to give writing a go. And – amazingly – it was just the piece that was missing in my life.


Ripping the Fiction Genre: Interview with Daniel Sherrier

Goodreads.com, says this about Daniel,

Daniel Sherrier is a writer based in central Virginia. His original plays have appeared in multiple venues. He won the 2006 Chameleon Theatre Circle’s New Play Contest (theatre for youth category), as well as several Virginia Press Association awards for his community newspaper work. He was a semifinalist in the 2011 PAGE International Screenwriting Competition, and a finalist in both the 2006 and 2010 TVWriter.com People’s Pilot competitions. His screenwriting earned him a slot in the 2011 Taliesin Nexus Filmmakers Workshop in Los Angeles. He released his new e-book series, Earths in Space, at the end of 2012.

After reading his first novella in the RIP Series, I wanted to know the mind behind the enjoyable book. And Daniel was kind enough to answer a few of my questions

DanielSherrier headshot

1. How Amazing was RIP: Touch!! What led to that?

DS: Thank you! The house we see in the teaser is based on my early childhood home, a place I lived from about ages 2 to 4, and at the time, I could have sworn it was haunted. Years later while working as a community newspaper reporter, I was covering an event at a historic church site in Hanover County, Virginia. It’s called Polegreen Church, and a hollow skeleton structure stands where the church used to be. I’ve been there several times, but one Halloween, paranormal investigators were chatting about ghosts at the site, and I was reminded about my childhood experiences. Then I randomly thought, “Hmm…What if ghosts were completely solid to somebody?” It seemed like a natural thought to have.

2. Your website is the quirkiest and funkiest one I have seen in a long time!! Tell us about it!!

DS: Formal bios can get tedious, so I thought I’d spice mine up with some self-deprecation. All authors know (or at least should know) they’ve written some truly terrible stuff in their early years. I decided it was a good opportunity to make fun of myself. Additionally, the blog includes humorous columns full of wacky anecdotes, and I’ve recently begun interviewing other authors for a weekly series. So it’s not all about me! Isn’t that swell?

DCFC0225.JPG3. A little sneak peek into your unpublished work!!

DS: More RIP is on the way. I envision about 12-15 novelettes before the series wraps up, but that’s certainly subject to change. I’ve also launched a science fiction series of episodic novellas called Earths in Space, and more of that is coming, too.

The second RIP novelette will be called “Alone,” and the third’s title is “The Crazy Line.” Here’s how Act One of “Alone” opens:

“God, food stores are depressing,” Serissa said, gazing longingly at shelves of canned vegetables.

4. Tell us about how you first started writing

DS: When I was 9, I really got into super-hero comic books and wanted to make my own. I created original characters and cobbled together all sorts of adventures for them. Initially, I drew the stories, too, but I was focusing solely on the scripts by the end of middle school. The comic books led into screenplays, novels, and play scripts, and I’ve never been able to stop. Therefore, I haven’t been bored since I was 9.

5. How good is the “Start Early” advantage while writing?

DS: Developing any skill takes time. The first thing you write is going to be garbage, so the sooner you get that out of your system, the better. Muscles don’t develop unless you use them.

6. What are the joys of independent publishing?

DS: I can do whatever I want with my own characters, which results in a more creatively fulfilling process. No one is telling me to make my stories more like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. I love Harry Potter, too, but I prefer to write my own ideas without copycatting the latest trend.

7. A day in the life of Daniel Sherrier!

DS: It depends on the day. I’ve been a full-time community newspaper reporter for a while, but at the end of May I’m going to transition into various freelance work, including writing, editing, and tutoring. Right now when my work week concludes on Friday (usually), I print out the most recent pages I’ve written, take them to a Barnes & Noble café, and edit to get myself back into creative mode, and I build momentum from there throughout the weekend. I’ve been taking a kickboxing class for over four years, and I’m about to test for my black belt next month. I’m also privileged to play with my 3-year-old niece from time to time.

8. Name 5 quirks you are the proud owner of :p

DS: This whole writing compulsion has to be the Quirk #1.

Quirk #2: I take a lot of vitamins—a lot—not medicine, just voluntary vitamin supplements. Vitamin B, biotin, calcium, fish oil, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Quirk #3: I eat cookies nearly every day, but I place firm limits on the number of cookies I allow myself to consume.

Quirk #4: I often drive while listening to instrumental movie soundtracks, especially action music.

Quirk #5: I only shave every two or three days. Sometimes people will see me with facial hair, and sometimes they’ll see me clean-shaven. What will they see next? Who knows?

9. What tips do you have for new authors?

DS: I have two big “don’ts”: Don’t write about writers, and don’t write anything like Finnegan’s Wake. Beyond that, play around and figure out what works for you.

RIP Touch10. After the RIP series, what more can the readers expect?

DS: While RIP is working toward a definitive ending, my other series, Earths in Space, is designed to continue on and on and on. There will be lots more of that in the future. In the nearer future, I plan to release some of my one-act play scripts on Amazon.

Details for all of this will be on website, sherrierbooks.com, and my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/drsherrier.


Daniel is a friendly person to get to know and his book is an amazing read!! I am privileged to be his Beta Read for the Second Installment of RIP and I guarantee, it is an amazing power-packed read in itself!!


For those who want to catch Daniel’s book RIP right away, please click on I RECOMMEND- Amazon.com widgets and go straight to Amazon to check his book out!!

Cristiane Serruya on Love, Trust, Betrayal and a lot more: Interview

trustI started my interaction with Cris when I read her book Trust: A New Beginning and immediately I knew I wanted more. Cris is incredibly talented. Just like one of her central characters, Sophia, Cris manages her time doing so many things like writing, travelling, raising two beautiful daughters. She is also a part time lawyer who believes in the power of true love.

Cris gets candid about love, writing and many other things as she opens up in her first interview right here

Q: What made you write the TRUST Trilogy?

CS: Believe it or not, it was a horrible case of Flu that kept me in bed in a dark room for a week. Those days were crucial for creating the TRUST Trilogy because I felt so bad that I couldn’t read. So, I decided to tell myself a story. The seed was planted.

Q: Tell us about your childhood

CS: I was a very happy and precocious child who loved to study, read, ride horses and play the piano. My family and I used to travel a lot. My best friend was my brother, Sergio, and we did many things together.

Q: What work did you do as a lawyer? Have you drawn any personal inspiration?

CS: I rely heavily on my experience as a lawyer and in my observations of the world. Besides, my family and my friends have such a full life that it is easy to draw creative characters and situations from their experiences.

Q: What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

CS: Spare time? What is this? Besides being a part time lawyer, an almost full-time writer, and a full-time mother of two teenage daughters and a wife of a very tall and big husband, I’m an avid reader. So, when I do find Spare Time, I work-out, I ride and I go to museums. Don’t ask me when I sleep because I don’t know myself.

Q: Tell us a little about Rio

CS: Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. It has it all: great weather (for those who like hot weather, I mean), great people and great attractions. The amazingly beautiful Avenida Atlantica and its beach, in Copacabana, are famous all around the world. And this is just one example. Here, beaches extend as far as the eye can see and there is a new one after each curve on the road. The more distant and isolated they are, the richer in natural beauty they become. There are also interesting churches, museums and great places to visit as the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado. And you can’t miss Rio’s churracarias– steak houses – where you can find great steaks and meats. Oh! Lets not forget the greatest party in the world: “Carnival”. There is no Carnival like the one in Rio. A whole month is dedicated to it.

So, come visit us.

Q: What research did you do to write Trust?Cópia_de__DSC6054-1

CS: I used my own experience as a lawyer and traveller. For sunsets, moon phases, weather, this kind of thing, it was okay to use the internet to have accurate information but for others, like wine, for example, I consulted an expert. I love to drink wine but I don’t have the knowledge an expert has.

Q: What are your tips for new authors?

CS: Research what you’re writing about which you are not familiar with, if the theme. Surely one of your readers will be.

And, of course, exhaustively review your manuscript and ask, at least five of your friends to read it too.

Q: You read so MANY books! I see a review every alternate day on Goodreads. How do you manage?

CS: I am a fast reader! I read the Twilight series in 4 days. And, I can’t imagine my life without books!

Q: A penny for your thoughts about love and relationships

Noivado Janet 361CS: I’ve been married for more than twenty years with the same adoring man. A strong, loving relationship is made of love, trust, friendship, respect, admiration and a strong connection between the partners. Some think love is just a mirage because falling in love is easy, but staying in love always takes a bit of no-no, not a bit, a lot of work. It’s like a flower that has to be nurtured everyday. As in any relationship, your love partner needs investment. The more you put into it, the more you get back 🙂

Q:  What more can we expect from your pen? After the Trilogy?

CS: After the TRUST trilogy comes another trilogy. LOL. I’m not kidding. Carolina Santo’s story is going to rock Rio de Janeiro, Hollywood, New York and London.

Lunches, dinners, fashion weeks and gala balls will vie for her presence.

The next trilogy will be full of gossip , beautiful and rich people, drugs, sex and rock & roll!!

Q: A parting Surprise!!!!

CS: I’ll let the readers choose a name of the trilogy on a poll on my website. I have a few ideas… But that has to wait a bit. I’m still finishing the last book of the TRUST trilogy!!!

6583811All I can say is I can’t wait for the THIRD installment. I know HOW MUCH i LOVED reading the first two books!!! All I can say is you should catch the First two books because you’ve missed SOMETHING if you haven’t.