#Educational and #Emotional – Touching Ed by Allison R Abbott

The blurb reads,

A moving story of love in later life
Touching ED is a great read for those that believe we get older, not as our bodies get bogged down with the age emphasis, but when we give up believing, in life, in love and in second chances.
A Truly Original Romance Story that Will Definitely Capture your Heart and Make you Question Things you had previously Taken for Granted!
How many times in life have you set out on a path and ended up somewhere completely unexpected? That is life’s way of telling us some things are just meant to be.
Abby will soon find out that life has much more in store for her than she thought.
Abigail is a 50-year-old divorced mother that has dedicated her life to raising her only daughter. Abby, as her friends call her, believes that she has fulfilled her goal, after her daughter made it to university. Life had become settled. Abby was happy with her lot and enjoyed what she had. Was she really, though?
Through unexpected turns and twists, her destiny takes her to pathways she never thought existed. After a lot of persistence from her daughter and a strange game of fate, Abby meets with Ed. A not that handsome, but also divorced, man, who although older than Abby lives an adventurous and full life.
Walking in baby steps, Abby does not know if she wants to start a relationship with Ed. He is kind and gentle and with that sparkle in his eyes when he talks about his dreams triggers Abby to agree to another date. One thing led to another and the dates became regular.
In the eyes of Ed, Abby finds a good friend and a man that lives to please her any way he possibly can. He awakens emotions she had buried a long time ago, and opens the doors to a new, fresh, exciting life, full of mutual understanding, companionship, and steamy intimate moments. He tickles Abby’s heart in many rather unconventional ways.

Is it a fairy tale? Not even close.

There is a dark secret that threatens to ruin this relationship. Ed and his struggle with a sexual problem called ED (erectile dysfunction) casts a shadow over them, challenging their intimate moments and threatening their love.
Will they last? Will they find a way to cope with it? Will Erectile Dysfunction take over their lives and destroy their happiness? Or will mature love conquer all and lead the two wayfarers, that life brought together under strange circumstances, to the land of the deepest, most sincere love ever existed?

A must-have book for all women in search of the true meaning of love and that have forgotten how to live or are struggling in a relationship with a sexual dysfunction. Life is full of surprises.”

Touching Ed


This book was so educational and great.

And to a lot of people, it may be taboo.

I’ve never really realised what it meant for someone to feel so strongly (I mean sexually as well) and yet not be able to emote that. I don’t mean an introvert, but a normal person who has dated. Ed is someone like that. And Erectile Dysfunction works like that. You can’t help feel bad for Ed because he does truly have feelings for Abigail. And you can feel Abigail’s plight, even on discovering about the Erectile Dysfunction.

We all have a tendency to believe the worst for ourselves. We believe we can do no good and that any reaction adverse to that is a failure on our part. It is wrong to assume the worst for ourselves but that is human tendency. And that is what I felt myself wondering when I read this book. It was so natural for Abigail to assume she was doing wrong and performing poorly and it was so natural for Ed to think he was beyond help.

This book isn’t one of those fact filled books to pull you down. But it was an inspirational tale of two people who decided to make it work even though things did not go their way. It felt very nice to see how something negative can be encountered by simply twisting your perspective of it.

I felt this book also reminded me in a way about how harsh life was to some people. We are so lucky to be complete and healthy but to those who have problems they cannot fix neither can they help, life becomes so much of a struggle if not with someone who supports them.

In today’s instant gratification age, I felt this book gave out an important message. I realised how important it was to be patient and more so, to never give up.

This is a short and sweet story and I hope everyone realises what it has to say.

My Rating: 4/5


#Random Confusion – While You Were Awake by Tamara Dumas

The blurb reads,

She can barely remember his name even though they have met a few times. His number is saved in her phone, not by his name but under the name of the place where they met.

This seems to have been the pattern of her life, established in her teens. Men come and go but they are now just a distant memory. Names and places forgotten.

She has no idea that this man’s plans for the evening include a visit to an elite sex club where there are no rules or dress code, except for the wearing of a mask. But this is not really his plan. He is only following the wishes of someone else – the means by which the girl is delivered into somebody else’s hands.

Just who is using who? Who is ultimately trying to control them both?

While you were awake


This was a short book but an extremely confusing one. The book starts off with one woman. And how she is dissatisfied with life. How she feels weird and out of place and how she can’t remember anyone. And her ruminations about her life and how it has become.

Somehow this book made me think in phases. It made me wonder about how people lost their way in life when they proclaimed their independence and cut ties. Somehow when I read through these books, I wonder what sort of lifestyle do we indirectly glorify through our movies and literature. Going solo. Spending all your time alone. Being in charge.

But what about the flip side? What about those decisions you may need a sounding board for? What about those times you need someone to talk to? What happens then? Why do we place so much emphasis on adding glitter to a carefree and flippant life?

This book was chaotic. As much as the lead character’s thoughts. She spends her whole evening going through her life and wondering why she made the choices she did and how they had impacted her life. And how her life could have been different.

She yells at her date when she discovers she can’t be cheapened any longer. And her rambles continue.

At this point the book flips and tells us the other side, of how her date wanted to bend to his wife’s will and is using the MC.

I mean seriously. This book was a pile of crap. It was so so random. It just did not make sense. The thought process on how one’s life can go to the absolute bottom is a good direction. We definitely need some thought in that direction.

Apart from that book, this is definitely one of those books you can skip. It really does not make much sense and I for one have a lot more to do in life than to read some random rambles and a character check. The last thing I need is a structure-less character rambling. For almost 100 pages.

My Rating:

I KNOW you will have something better to do with your life. Not Recommended. Not At All!