#Book Review – Debris by David Miklos

The blurb reads,

“A turn of the screw from magical realism, Debris is a novel where everything is unique, yet repeats itself indefinitely.”

It took me a long time to get wrapped in this book. And once I did, I really understood the meaning of the blurb.

There are 3 to 4 different stories which are going on side by side. And it takes a while for the reader to understand the relevance of the different stories and the connection to the picture as a whole.

The writing is lyrical and looped and it really feels like you’re going in circles until the pathways begin to clear up one by one. The stories are linked one before and one after the other. That’s where the book is genius.

I can’t really discuss much without giving the story away, but the book reads a little differently. Don’t expect the standard fare where things are linear. This book is as twisted as it gets. And that’s where it is an excellent read. It feels like different diaries have opened up at different points of time to show you different pictures and as you’re seeing the different pictures, a clearer complete timeline emerges.

This was a nice book to read.

My Rating: 3.5/5

My rating as such because it took almost one third of the book till I made connections and that made it a little hard to want to continue reading. It’s a toss up between having more clarity and having a completely dreamy quality that the book has. It is a good read nonetheless.


The Jakkattu Vector Release Blast!


Welcome to another Novel Publicity tour! We’re so excited for the release of The Jakkattu Vector by P.K. Tyler that we wanted to celebrate with a great giveaway featuring a Kindle Fire, one of a kind Jakkattu Vector bookmark and a special book bundle from the author herself!

About the Book

tjv-ebook-coverThey came as saviors to a deteriorating Earth

Julip Thorne questions whether there is more to life beyond the barren dirt, acidic seas, and toxstorms her people work and die in. Living in poverty on the withering Greenland Human Reservation, she wonders if the alien Mezna goddesses are truly as holy as the temple preaches. Julip begins to dig deeper into the history of the planet and her leaders’ rise to power. But nothing can prepare her for the atrocities she uncovers.

Meanwhile, Jakkattu prisoner Sabaal suffers constant torture and heinous medical experiments as her Mezna-priest captors seek to unlock the key to her genetic makeup. Escaping from captivity, she finds herself suddenly alone on the hostile alien planet of Earth. To survive, she’s forced to work with the same Mezna-human hybrids she’s loathed her entire life, but the more they work together, the more they realize that their enemy is the same.

When humans and Mezna collide, will Sabaal turn out to be the genetic vector the Mezna have been searching for all along, or will she spark the flame that sets a revolution ablaze?

About the Author

pavartiktylerP.K. Tyler is the author of Speculative Fiction and other Genre Bending novels. She’s also published works as Pavarti K. Tyler and had projects appear on the USA TODAY Bestseller’s List.

“Tyler is essentially the indie scene’s Margaret Atwood; she incorporates sci-fi elements into her novels, which deal with topics such as spirituality, gender, sexuality and power dynamics.” – IndieReader

Pav attended Smith College and graduated with a degree in Theatre. She lived in New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off-Broadway. Later, Pavarti went to work in the finance industry for several international law firms. Now located in Baltimore Maryland, she lives with her husband, two daughters and two terrible dogs. When not penning science fiction books and other speculative fiction novels, she twists her mind by writing horror and erotica.

You can follow PK Tyler on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for her newsletter, or visit her website here.

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#FunStuff – Stunner (A Ronnie Lake Mystery #1) by Niki Danforth

The blurb reads,

Beautiful. Bright. And possibly, deadly…

This is all Ronnie Lake knows about her potential sister-in-law, Julianna. But she’s determined to find out the truth about her wealthy brother’s new lover before he throws away his happiness, fortune, and quite possibly, his life. Who is this mysterious woman with two lives–and how deep does her deception go? 

As a divorced, downsized, 50-something, Ronnie finds herself becoming an “accidental detective” in order to get to the bottom of things. There are unexplained hang-ups when the phone rings. A disturbing package and sketchy characters appear at her wealthy family’s estate outside New York City. It all pushes Ronnie to step out of her privileged life and into a sinister world where people will do just about anything to escape their past. Is Julianna the most desperate of them all?



So I requested this book from Kathy at I Am a Reader and then I completely forgot about it. That’s becoming one of my characteristics, to sign up for tours and promptly forget about them. I do plan on rectifying that and not let life get so much in the way.

And then when I got a mail saying the review was due, I found the book and started reading it. And I was HOOKED!

This is a great book and an amazing cosy mystery. I say that because things are sedate and sweet. It isn’t caught up in the action and fraught with tension. There are a lot of thrillers like that and I absolutely love the adrenaline rush that comes along with reading something like that. But I also love reading books like this one where the story slowly develops on its own and also has enough of juice to keep me hooked.

The thing that makes this book succeed is the protagonist. Ronnie is a great protagonist. She is committed to her family and loves them fiercely. And she has a little detective inside her, which makes her go and investigate when things fall under her radar of suspicion. And there are so many women like that who would want to hustle just to become a detective. Ronnie is almost likable in her simplicity and her desire to protect her family. And she is reckless. But her naivety is refreshing and often made me giggle. This was a fun book.

Ronnie suspects her brother’s girlfriend when strange things start happening. And Juliana is a mystery. Ronnie starts to work, trying to uncover her past and discovers Juliana to be having more layers than she imagined.

As Ronnie discovers Juliana’s past, she finds herself respecting Juliana but not being able to pin point what exactly bothered her. And the book follows a logical conclusion and a happy ending. Which was nice to read.

I picked this book up, sometime after my grandma’s death and I frankly needed something light like this. It helps to read just to distract and a cosy mystery is perfect for that. I do want to read more adventures of Ronnie in the future but I don’t think any more books have been published.

What I really liked in this book was the fact that the circumstances of your birth do not in any way determine what you will end up like. You can do anything you want. The world is your oyster. You don’t really need to move mountains but if you wish for something and work for it, anything is possible. That was a lovely message. That I can make anything out of myself. It all depends on me.


This is a nice book. You can definitely pick it up.


My Rating: 3.5/5

It isn’t a brilliant book and Ronnie was a little impulsive. And I felt the end did not play out too logically and I kind of felt the actual unravelling of the mystery was not too great. But that’s an after thought as I write this. I enjoyed the book when I read it.

3.5 starts

#Funky Mystery- An Unlucky Reunion (Ladies in Luck) by Odette C Bell

The blurb reads,

What if you’d come all the way home for a school reunion, only for a body to wind up in the yard? What if your teenage crush had become an insensitive but still seriously hot jerk? What if you wandered into a love triangle, only to lose yourself to entirely the wrong guy?

And above all else, what would you do if a serial killer was after you?

odette c bell

The circumstances which led me to reading this book are really funny. I had downloaded this book, free, I suppose, from Smashwords. I had it on my phone for the longest times, without me doing anything about it.

This year, I took an epic backpacking trip with my sister, across East Europe. Those photographs took up a lot of space on my phone and I was in a constant battle for space there. And I remembered the various PDFs I had on my phone. Which I could read. And then delete after I had read them. That way, I’d read a book. And I would make more space.

Kind of symbolic to our lives and a reader’s TBR list don’t you think? You need to get rid of the old, long outstanding books before you look at newer ones that you can now pick up and read.

I have a really bad habit on Goodreads. Whenever I start reading a book, I put the status as Currently Reading. Sometimes, I do that for books which I have and I want to read. So as on this date, I have an epic 88 books in my ‘Currently Reading’ pile which is ridiculous. It is also testimony to the fact that I need to renew my Scribd subscription (= can anyone send me a free trial invite??! Please! Pretty Please!) A lot of my books are from scribd, those I wanted to read when I had the free trial and somehow I missed.

Anyway, I digress. On the way from Berlin to Prague, I found myself bored and wanting a quick read. I had not carried any paperbacks because of the weight. While my sister read The Lord of the Rings, I cleaned my phone. And stumbled upon this jewel.

I didn’t think this book would be so much fun. It didn’t seem like a hardcore thriller or a murder mystery that would keep you involved. But it was fun.

I immediately liked Patti. She was a no-nonsense person and she somehow made me connect to her. I don’t have her aversion to school or even college for me, but I don’t know if I would like to go back there again. Also, Patti is witty and sarcastic, just the way I like it.

Patti meets her high school crush while she is staying at a broken-down motel in the small town she came from. And her life takes a tumble from then on.

Bodies start appearing. Bodies of random people. Who you probably didn’t even remember. Why were they being killed? Who was targeting them?

Patti finds her life intertwined with the murders and also her crush from high school. And all this through the POV of a fun character who gives back amazing answers. I felt the book was short and I absolutely loved Patti.

I loved this book simply because it did not give me a complicated story with  a lot of twists and turns. It was like watching an episode of Castle, without the big complications, a simple case, and a dash of romance.

I don’t know why I liked this book so much, but when I was there, reading in the train, this book was my companion. And I feel it deserves a good rating because it did make me laugh and smile and cheered me up immensely.

My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 starts

#Interview – I’m Just A Regular Guy says Author Oliver Phipps

Oliver Phipps’s book excited me when I read the blurb on Amazon. It made me want to read it immediately. But first, I thought let me get to know the author. And to my surprise, he agreed to be featured in an interview on my blog.

1. How did you start writing?

I started writing stories around the age of ten. I wrote lyrics with bands that I played with in my twenties. Then in 2004 I published a ‘how to’ book about auctions. I began working on my fiction books around 2010 and it sort of snowballed from there.

2. Tell me about your childhood?

My father worked for the railroad so I was sort of a “railroad brat” if there is such a thing. We moved around a lot and it gave me a diverse experience growing up. I’m sure this had some bearing on my writing. One example is The Ghosts of Company K.

oliver phipps 1

3. How many books have you published?

I’ve published ten books, though one of these has been taken off the market until I can rewrite and re-edit it. Another I published under a pen name. I’ve also written various articles and short stories under pen names.

4. What makes you tick as a writer?

I love to entertain people. I love the thought of making someone smile or causing one of those ‘good and scary’ chills to run down someone’s back when reading a my book. My music career never took off, but now I think that’s for the best as I love writing stories.

5. Any quirks you have as a writer?

I don’t know if it could be called a quirk or not, but I’m rather merciless when it comes to staying true to the story. I remember getting many comments about the bestseller Tears of Abandon. Everyone liked the book but they were sad that some of the characters had to die. I told them that it wasn’t a pleasant thing for me to let these characters die, but it’s how the story played out and I would do what was necessary to stay true to the story. I won’t allow a last minute “rescue” of a character unless it’s possible in real life and true to the story.

oliver phipps 2

6. How do you think of your characters? Do you use any real life references?

I have had so many people in my life over the years that I seem to have a treasure trove of character material. I’ve traveled the world and lived many places. I think this has benefited my character building abilities immensely.

7. Tell me about you, as a person and as an author

I’m just a regular guy for the most part. I love to do guy things and spend time with my family. When I was younger I couldn’t sit still and wanted travel and adventure. I got a healthy dose of that travel and adventure until I was about thirty five. Then I began to settle down, and now I live those adventure desires out with my stories. I’m just happy to share them and very happy that people seem to enjoy them.

oliver phipps 3


Oliver can be found on Goodreads, Facebook and Amazon

Do check his work out!


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Takes me back to my #Childhood- Yarashell Abbily And Her Very Messy Room by Sybrina Durant


The blurb reads,

Yarashell Abbily had a very messy room…
Like most little 3 year olds do.
Mommy said to clean it up and so did Daddy, too
But she liked to mess up her room

It was quite the dilemma.
Yarashell wouldn’t budge until Daddy offered
to play her very favorite game.
Mommy love this game, too, so who would win?
Would it be Mommy…or Yarashell?

Enjoy meeting Yarashell and experiencing her
delightful imagination as she gets herself ready to begin her day.
This book will give you a glimpse of 
how a child sees things very differently from adults.

“Yarashell Abbiley and Her Very Mess Room”
is sure to remind you of all the messy little ones in your life.


Who doesn’t know a messy little three year old? Getting them to clean their rooms can be quite an ordeal at times. Yarashell Abbily is one of those little girls, whose room looks like quite a mess to her Mommy and Daddy. But to Yarashell it doesn’t look messy…in her imagination it is a wonderland. But rooms do have to be cleaned. Luckily Daddy, knows just how to get Yarashell in the mood for cleaning. Read this book with your child today. With it’s sing-song verse, it is a fun family read.

Here’s a little back story for the book—Sybrina has seven grand children. Four of them are sweet little girls. This story was inspired when she asked one of them, who was three years old at the time, “What is your very favorite thing in the world to do?” She looked up smiling and said with great enthusiasm, “I like to mess up my room!”. 

That immediately inspired a song (which is available with that name on Amazon and Itunes). 

A couple of years later, this book, “Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room” came along. Yarashell Abbily is a composite name for those 4 little girls – Yara, Michelle, Abbey and Emily. Enjoy!

The first thing that struck me when I started reading is how the name Yarashell Abbily came to be and I felt it was the sweetest thing anyone can ever do!! The second thing were the honest-to-goodness cute illustrations which made my heart go out to Yarashell Abbily.

I still love my room which sometimes resembles a pigsty and I can totally believe Yarashell Abbily when she says she likes a messy room. A lot of times, it is comfortable. Unless it gets too messy, and then I have to go on a cleaning spree!

This book had an astonishingly funny tale for children. It had a lot of meaning too. I’ve often wondered, whether children do better if they are simply told something. I appreciate Daddy for making Yarashell Abbily clean her room without making it a chore. I believe the fine line between simply telling a child and making a seemingly boring job full of fun is essential. This sweet spot is what I figure all parents need to find. I was lost in deep thought pondering on these lines.

But I couldn’t stay serious for long. The book and its illustrations were so very cute and even Mum and Daddy were so beautiful, it transported me to the messy room. I felt like dancing with Yarashell Abbily when she threw around her clothes because her joy was so simple and visible to everyone!

This is one point which I enjoy in Sybrina’s books. Children are a source of such unadulterated joy and she captures that innocence so brilliantly. She is aided EXCELLENTLY by Illustrator Sara Wilson, whose depictions of Yarashell Abbily steal your heart.

I believe this is one book your children MUST have, especially those with Messy Rooms! It’ll help you get back to your childhood too, I promise!!

My Rating: 5/5

5 star