#GuestPost – America’s Reality Today by Jamell Crouthers

The concept behind me writing America Under Mind Control was to enlighten people on how much we are controlled mentally on a daily basis. What we fail to realize is society programs and trains our minds to act and be a certain way. Whether we know it or not, we surely don’t take the time to understand the messages being conveyed to us everyday.

From the moment we are coherent and able to speak as little children, there are messages being told to us. While we don’t realize that as children, as we get older, we should start to grasp the concept that the world does anything and everything to control our minds and keep us separated from each other.

Let’s just take the education system for example, which is something I do delve into toward the end of my book, do you remember anything that you were taught in school? Besides the basics of learning the alphabet, learning to write and simple functions of math, how much of what you were taught actually relates to your life?

You ever take the time to question what you were taught in your history books and science books? Probably not because you took everything those teachers taught you at face value. Meanwhile, a lot of it were all lies but at this point, how much do we care?

We were taught to be obedient in school, respect authority, don’t question what you’re being told. You ever catch yourself sitting with someone or in a meeting with people and you have your hands folded most of the time? Yup, that was indoctrinated into your mind and you subconsciously do it now because you did it so much repetitively that it’s ingrained in your mind.

This all works perfectly into a Corporate America environment where you are to respect authority, don’t challenge the big bosses and do what your told. America teaches you to go to college, bury yourself in debt, get a plethora of degrees only to be paying loans back a large percentage of your life which makes you what?

You ever notice you’re not taught the most important aspects of life? Critical thinking, cognitive thinking, challenging yourself and others. The most important things you learn in life you learn on your own or through others, opening a bank account, money management, stocks and bonds, buying a car, buying a home, building and growing your own business. Imagine if we were taught through hands on experiences (which is what life mostly is when you think about it), but that’s not what the rich and wealthy want from you.

Take the time to just think about that alone and then imagine how many other things the wealthy people are doing to control your mind. I tackle things such as music and radio, television, our shopping habits, print media, gun control, technology, credit cards, gambling, student loans, the food you eat, politics, diseases and medicine and many other things.

Until we start understanding and realizing the world around us, we will continue to be average, we aren’t meant to live a life like that. If you have an open mind about life and the world, my book is definitely worth reading, it’s available on Amazon and other bookstores.

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Red Death Release Blast

Jeff Altabef has released his latest book!!! And it is already getting amazing rankings on Amazon!

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To get your copy, One click Red Death on Amazon

Here is the blurb,

What happens when everything you believed turns out to be a lie?

Every child of Eden fears the Red Death. All those afflicted with the plague die young, their souls stripped away as punishment for ancient sins long forgotten. For centuries, Guardians have protected Eden from the Red Death by killing outsiders who stray too close.

Seventeen-year-old Aaliss is a highly-trained Guardian, but when her rather odd thirteen-year-old brother, Wilky, discovers a cure to the plague, her world turns upside down. Branded as traitors by the corrupt High Priest, Aaliss and Wilky are forced to seek refuge in the last place Aaliss thought she’d ever go—beyond the boundaries of Eden and into the land of the Soulless. Here they must navigate a medieval world filled with witches, magic, and warrior kingdoms run by Elders only a few years older than her.

Aaliss yearns to return home, but when her heart tugs her deeper into the world of the Soulless, she questions everything she once believed. Has her soul been taken? Will she and Wilky fall victim to the Red Death, or might they die sooner in the center of a battle that threatens to tear apart the Soulless world? Or… might Aaliss finally find, against all odds, what her heart has yearned for all along?”


Doesn’t that sound completely amazing?

The book is on sale at $0.99 and has seen rave reviews on Amazon! Here is one example!

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#So-So : Furtl by Strobe Witherspoon

The blurb reads,

2026. furtl, America’s once dominant technology conglomerate is bleeding money. Holospace machines out of China have transformed the way people do business on the Internet and furtl can’t keep up. But there is hope. If furtl can get the US government to outlaw Holospace machines, their search algorithms, social networks, and proximity payment systems will live to see another day. All the government wants in return is unrestricted access to furtl’s user information so it can squash its political opponents. It’s the perfect plan (issues pertaining to privacy, innovation, and democracy notwithstanding).



It is a testimony to how poor this book is, that I barely remember anything from it. I really wish this was better but then some things can’t be helped.

So furtl.

This book was confusing in bits and hard hitting in others. I’ve often wondered about the perils of pushing data out on the World Wide Web and this book explored that. It explored the consequences of having parties use our data for their own benefit.

It was scary to think of how this was being implemented in our daily lives. Google uses our search history when they are placing ads to show those most relevant to our ‘Most Recent’ searches. Facebook uses a similar algorithm to place the advertisements too.

But the drawback of this book lies in the writing. The blurb lets you think that there is something much more murky than what is written. While trying to keep the narrative crisp and light and write in parody, the result i something which is not RELEVANT and often absurd. It took an enormous amount of patience to read and think about this book in a way that was other than nonsensical.

There were so many instances of the narrative slipping and when the circumstances were being explained about furtl payments and the various acts that had degraded the US society, it felt like a narrative happening without taking the reader along the ride and that was sad. It was sad to think that a book that could have been so much better had the narrative been serious.

I wish the writer learns from this. The book has a lot of potential and indeed, the issue that the book presents is a very scary prospect. To think that the Government would micro-spy every sentence we push on social media is not only blasphemous but also a violation of as many constitutional rights as are prescribed.

I often think of conglomerates and their money hungry path along capitalism. Money is such a lure. It makes us work in jobs we don’t like or for organisations that make us slave. But we do it all for the green. And to think of a world where social media has completely dominated our life is not hard to imagine. We are permanently peeled to our phones anyway.

But then that’s where I think the core annoying part of this book was. That there was so much promise in the blurb and the concept that the narrative spoilt it for me. I know how parodies work but then this one just made a mess of a brilliant concept.

My Rating: 2.5/5

2 and a half stars

Good Intentions Gone Wrong- Jamie’s Blues by Vinod Kumar Sharma

The blurb reads (warning…blurb contains almost the whole story)

On a blind dating trip to London, Jamie was subjected to indignity and assault for being an American and a Black. Feeling disillusioned, he cursed his existence and wished to be teleported elsewhere, to a more amicable world. Next, Jamie and his crew were on a space mission. Vaccines, rodents, male sperms, and female eggs were on board the spacecraft for experiments. An accidental mix of vaccines turned the skin color of their white and black subject rats to a glossy blue. While Jamie and his crew were in space, the human race perished due to a nuclear holocaust. They returned to earth. Being the only survivors, they began to rebuild a new homogeneous world and vowed not to let the flaws of the earlier world surface again. They took the same vaccine as the test rodents and their skins turned blue. Their offspring were blue-skinned too. Centuries later, the new world was populated with blue-skinned males and females. This new blue world not only hated black-, brown-, and white-skinned humans but also exterminated them. And then one day a Black baby boy, also named Jamie, and Pam, a White baby girl, were born into this glossy blue world to two different sets of parents through IVF that used, out of ignorance, male sperms and female eggs stored on board the centuries-old spacecraft on display at a museum. To save such odd colored babies from extermination-the law of the land-the parents managed to hide their baby’s skin color with blue paste. With time, Jamie and Pam grew to adulthood. A day after they got engaged, the truth surfaced and they were sentenced to death by lethal injection. Their parents learnt of the vaccine that had first triggered the blue skin pigmentation and stole its remains from the museum to replace the death serum with it. Strapped to their deathbeds with the lethal injections given, the wait started. Were they exterminated, or pardoned? Or did the scene unfold differently?!! Experience the complexities of various situations. The story will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last moment. A journey full of adventure, action, romance, suspense, and …?

jamie's blues


The story seemed to be exciting. A futuristic world. And what transports Jamie to this world. From our racist world with all its tensions. But…

I tried to like this book I really did.

It was very well intentioned. It attacked everything wrong with this world. Be it the caste system, the racial discrimination and just how petty the world can be. And indeed, the world needs people to ask hard hitting questions. It needs people to ponder why violence is allowed to propagate and continue in the name of religion. And about why people think they can be superior because of their looks or skin colour.

But the let down for this book I figure starts with the blurb. It tells you the whole story in a nutshell. I felt rather cheated. Whatever was written in the blurb happens till about 90% of the book. Which leaves me to think, I spent all my time reading this book, only to find out what happens in the remaining 10%? That really got me riled up. I thought I would be leaving a 1 star review and thrashing the book.

But then I got to thinking about this new world without any religions, any boundaries and how everyone was considered one. That utopia was something I wish we all could live in today. It is such a contrast that somewhere people struggle to survive where on the other hand people are caught up in proving to the world how superior they are or their religion is.

The world is extremely fragile now. Which means something like what the author has written, can possibly happen. But that isn’t unique to the author. There are thousands of dystopias which work on the same concept. Which talk about a destroyed world. And that is where this book fails.

I have indeed read dystopia’s which are so hard hitting and are written so well that they have driven me to tears. This book is let down by its writing primarily. And the blurb. Those hard hitting topics merit discussion, but they are found almost everywhere as a food for thought. It wasn’t anything new which he got to the table. The way everything was described and the whole world which was created had a very “happily ever after” feel to it, and things went by extremely fast.

When Jamie and the others who were a part of the Humanity mission land on the earth, there was so much which could have been explored. The Earth was shattered by nuclear war. Yet talking about human relations at this point of time was something which was totally untouched. I feel this book could have been something else if the dystopia/utopia aspect was focused on well. Sadly, that was not to be.

I didn’t want to start the year with a DNF and I wanted to find out what happened. But I could have done that by reading the blurb and saved my money. In that sense, satisfaction totally not derived.


My Rating: 2/5

2 star

Page Turning Novel – Shatter Point by Jeff Altabef

The Blurb Reads,

Evolved Publishing presents the psychological thriller “Shatter Point” by Jeff Altabef. This stand-alone follow-up to “Fourteenth Colony” features political intrigue and gruesome crime in the near future. Maggie met Cooper at a young age, but even then she sensed something was wrong with him. His charm, good looks, and wealth could not hide the danger that burned in his sapphire eyes. Some nightmares don’t go away. He’d been haunting her from a distance for as long as she could remember.

Now things have changed. When her sons Jack and Tom discover she’s been taken, they set out to rescue her and uncover nefarious family secrets, explosive government conspiracies, and a series of horrific murders along the way. Only their colorful great aunt and a covert resistance group can help them navigate the dark underworld full of political subterfuge and class warfare. All the while, Maggie struggles to outwit her tormentor in a life and death psychological battle of tense desperation. Will Jack and Tom arrive before Cooper reaches his shatter point?

Midwest Book Review has described Jeff Altabef as an “articulate and engaging storyteller” and “a contemporary novelist of considerable merit and imagination.

shatter point


I read the blurb and the excerpt and for some odd reason, I didn’t sign up for this tour. When I read some of the reviews, I realised this was a psychological thriller set in the future. It seemed like a great read so I edged into the blog tour and here is my review!!

My first thoughts were, I wonder where the futuristic part comes in? The book starts off with Dr. Darian Beck, who is working on an experimental drug which would help to reverse brain shrinkage and brain damage. The book then shifts to Maggie and her sons, a normal family. But Maggie hides behind her smile, a terrible secret. She has spent her life hounded by a man Cooper, who has daunted and intimidated her. He is a psychologically disturbed person who is trapped within a maze created in his mind.

I had different views about this book and then I happened to read a review which brought out a few insecurities I had with this book. Hence the delay in writing the review because I wanted to be sure my review objectively reflected my thoughts and feelings.

The book’s genre isn’t particular. The story is set in the future, in a world where the chasm between the rich and the poor is wide. So it isn’t a dystopian one by a long mile, even though it has a few taints.

The book isn’t a mystery, although the book’s main focus is on finding Maggie. The book is a spin off from the earlier novel ‘Fourteenth Colony’ by Jeff Altabef and although I didn’t find this connection influencing the book, I wish I had read the earlier book.

I don’t really know why I am so disturbed as I write the review. Usually, I have very clear points about what I liked or what I thought about the book.

So, let me write about the highlights.

Cooper is a wonderful villain. The initial glimpses we get of his sick mind and how he intends to twist Maggie to suit one impression he had of her, is terrifying. It scares me sometimes, to think that there are people who think like this, and are serial killers because of their obsession with one person. Cooper was maniacal, a megalomaniac and had zero emotions. His eccentricities made him a wonderful read.

But, as the title goes, Shatter Point describes that state of mind where our mind gets so enraptured in its own misgivings, that it cannot find a way out. In the ancient Indian Book, Mahabharata, a character, Abhimanyu gets stuck in a chakravyuh (= a circle which cannot be broken) and he does not have the knowledge to get out of it. I could draw parallels from this to Cooper.

What I also enjoyed, was looking at Maggie from Cooper’s eyes. Also, how creepy Cooper was, as a child. That was exceptionally well done.

When Cooper reaches Shatter Point, or which is the crucial point of this book, the book plummets in terms of keeping up reader interest. Cooper’s degeneration is not at all interesting. It happens so fast that I was trying to get my mind wrapped around it and I couldn’t.

I’ve written time and again about how writers have this perfect build up and then for some absurd reason, derail ALL their efforts while concluding the book.

I’m alright if the ending isn’t happy, but here, I feel in the effort to make the book end on a happy note, several points or several storylines were compromised.

There were several points which I wasn’t very happy with.

I felt I couldn’t connect to Maggie at all as a person. She was just someone who was a part of the book, someone who had to be rescued. I couldn’t connect with her thoughts, her journey and all I gleaned is her fear of Cooper’s volcanic anger. And her love for her family.

The angle of the drug and bringing it in, I am in two minds about it, because, in a way, it helped to reveal who Cooper was and to sort of create a back story for the characters. But it was UNNECESSARY. It wasn’t really required, the drug and its effects on Jack. Again, maybe my response would have been better, had the ending not been as such. It is an experimental drug. Who knows how long it might take to turn out right. For it to turn out right, just in time to save Jack, was a little bit far fetched. My suspension of disbelief stopped right there.

I found Aunt Jackie to be a feisty character. Her past intrigued me and it made me wish I had an insight into her mind and maybe that I could read her own story. Even though she is a small part of the book, but she captured my imagination.

I also wondered about how it all started. How was the world in 2041? How and what made the ghettos what they were and how did the Government become as it was. I suspect the answer to these questions lies in Fourteenth Colony and I’ll probably have to read that to make sure all my questions are answered.

I didn’t like the part where Jack gets powers because of the drug. Headaches and vision problems, I understand. But him developing powers like gleaning memories and having electricity flow when he touched Cooper and for the author to say something like “it felt like Cooper was a part of Jack” and somehow Jack’s touch transferred Cooper’s memories and feelings to him was a little bit too much. That portion definitely was a let down

I also had an unanswered question about what happened to Darian Beck when he was held for interrogation.

What I did enjoy though, is discovering who Cooper was and how Maggie escaped. That portion, the thrill when I was involved in finding where Maggie was kept and how she was rescued, was very interesting.

All in all, there were some parts which were brilliant. They kept me hooked to the book and I wanted to find out what happened next. But having said that, I felt the parts that weighed this book down, definitely could have been avoided.


My Rating: 2.5/5

My First Low Rating for a Novel Publicity Book but the things that pulled it down fought with what made the book shine!

2 and a half stars

#Thriller or #SciFi- Van Laven Chronicles: Throne of Novoxos

The blurb reads

Sometimes the enemy within is worse than the enemy without…

Lord Comron Van Laven is the brave but deeply troubled heir to throne. Lady Vaush Bastionli, is the spirited daughter of his mortal enemy, the one woman he should never love. But when a cruel twist of fate forces them to rely on each other for their very survival, old hatreds are supplanted by something far too powerful for them to resist.

But a startling revelation about Vaush’s true origins threatens to destroy Comron’s kingdom. Meanwhile, his own deeply disturbing family history may prove to be his undoing. Possessed by his fiery passion for Vaush, yet compelled to protect his realm, Comron embarks on a thrilling, inter-planetary odyssey that plunges the couple into the midst of epic battles and raging political power struggles.

Those seeking to kill or control Vaush relentlessly hunt the two as they race to Novoxos where Comron can help Vaush fulfill her destiny and save the Empire from a horrible, apocalyptic fate. If only Comron’s internal chaos doesn’t destroy them first

van laven chronicles

When I started reading this book, I thought it would be another one of those where the two characters would meet and then fall in love and they would fight. I thought it would take a romantic turn and be a cliche!!

BUT NO! I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This book had so much of depth and twists and turns at every moment.

The book starts off with The Crown Prince of Nethic, Comron Van Laven, and his family at an execution for people who have revolted against the empire. Tables turn when Nethic finds out that it is under attack and something has to be done urgently.

On the other side, Vaush Bastionli, from the Ti-Laros family is on her way to conclude negotiations with a buyer. Nethic and Ti-Laros are sworn enemies of each other and enemities have run deep for several years. Generations have held on to that hatred and this has propagated the spewing garbage that they feel for each other.

Slight spoilers ahead..

Their worlds flip when the plane that Vaush and Comron are on, is hijacked and crashes and maroons them on an island with little known civilisation. Vaush escapes unhurt but Comron is at the doorsteps of death. What happens next, changes the lives of not only these two, but the whole futuristic world.

I was so hooked on to the book. It was lengthy, I must admit, but having said that, there were twists at every step which made me want to find out what happened next. The whole journey from their rescue to the events that transpire next, really brought a futuristic world in front of me.

The only thing I was marveling here was that, I don’t clearly recall any date or year. Neither was it scientifically inundated with improved technologies and genetic mutations. The planet all these countries were on, resembled earth and that helped me with getting more comfortable with the story.

I found Comron to represent the Yang element, the open, the loud, the angry and the testosterone element from society. He was the insane, the humane and the driven one. His commitment and love for Vaush drove me to tears and his insanity when Crausin invaded his mind, made me fear him. He is a true alpha male.

Vaush on the other hand, embodies Yin perfectly. Yin, the cold element, yet the feminine and gentle one. Vaush embodied everything good. She took on many characteristics which made her admirable in my eyes. Her disregard for societal classes, her social work, her focus on the downtrodden, in the efforts to make the world a better place. She was the total embodiment of yin in terms of being soft, delicate, feminine, sensual and confident.

I absolutely did not anticipate how events would unfold when Vaush and Comron fall in love. What happens next totally rocked my socks out. I did not expect the curveball that comes Vaush’s way and also how Comron risks everything to help her.

The Murkudahl twist was something I really loved. It took my attention from the small struggle that Vaush and Comron were facing into something of national, heck worldwide importance. It took the book to a whole new level.

People. This book has a FANTASTIC ENDING!!!!!! I could really feel for Comron and Vaush. I felt for them and I could feel their anguish doing whatever they were doing. I felt like the book ended at a perfect stage, laying a brilliant foundation for the next two books.

I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT wait for the next two books!


My Rating: 4/5


#Scary Glimpse into the #Future: From Thine Own Well by Norm Hamilton

FTOW Tour Banner S3

The Blurb Reads

Noxious substances in the watershed brings a society to its knees; fracking by oil companies has taken its toll.

Canadian society has been altered, seemingly irrevocably; water resources have become scarce and individual freedoms cast off. 

It is now 2036, only 24 years since the most devastating of a series of international accords, one simply known as The Agreement, set the precedent for many that followed – effectively causing the federal government to collapse into ruin and dependency on corporatist rule. 

Unrestricted fracking and irresponsible mining practices have caused major watersheds and underground streams to become contaminated, the precious fluid – noxious. 

The sole purpose of The Coalition, a regulatory body created by the world-wide conglomerates that took over the governing of the country is to ensure the profitability of its corporate members. 

In Yukon, Canada’s far north, a baker’s dozen of unknown, everyday people and one dog are loosely thrown together in an effort to combat The Coalition and its impact on Canadian lives and the environment. 

Join Landon, Nora, Galen and the others who, through no design of their own, have become the unknown hope for Canada’s future. Will they prevail in the small jurisdiction they reside in and set the bar for the rest of Canada? 

Only time will tell.

The environment and the whole problem of climate change, hazardous industry and global warming is so underrated. I saw memes the other day on Facebook of people standing in bitter cold conditions mocking Global Warming. But Global Warming meant both bitter winters and extreme summers. Since when did we get so escapist?

Nobody likes the environment. Maybe we do, whenever it suits us. We see a beautiful place, remark about how badly our own country is kept and managed and walk away. The photos haunt our Facebook profiles for ages!

But behind all the growth that all of us work for, which industries propagate, all the trade laws which are so conveniently defined, who suffers? Does anyone still remember or check on the Mexican Oil Spill? What about the victims of an earthquake? The victims of the horrible tsunami in 2004 are still settling back into their lives. When does one decide that it is enough? How much destruction should one be able to witness before deciding that the way the ENTIRE world is run is hazardous?!!

The book, frankly, gave me sleepless nights. I was scared out of my wits. This was only Canada but I could so very well imagine it to be India. We have water contamination in high levels because of the lack of sanitation and the huge population burden. But that is beyond the point. The point is, when will we confront the huge problem that faces us? The one relating to the environment. The one about hazardous waste dumps, or the one regarding unsustainable resource use? When we put profits or sheer monetary gain ahead of the environment, thinking the environment is there, constant, to back us up, we make a mistake.

Our tacit acceptance or non-questioning of industry, governments and general urban lifestyles being hazardous to the very world we live in is like striking a blow at our own chances of survival. This is precisely what Norm was talking about!! The blatant lack of concern or the “let-it-pass” feeling that is so pervasive among the people. Norm talks about the Canadians being so complicit with the hazardous Oil, Minerals and Gas practices that they never questioned anything or went out of their comfort zone. Until their life as they knew it changed forever!

Let’s not kid ourselves. We have EMIs or credit card debt. Some of us worry about making it the next day. Most of us are knee deep in our own problems. Why sleep with another unknown variable about the environment? This, what I observe among people, the “screw it, who cares” is deeply humiliating. We really don’t care! Think back!!

Our industry and personal activity levels have gone beyond being unsustainable. The environment reacts to it and when we still don’t amend our ways, a natural disaster ensues. Industry is the BIGGEST perpetrator of the environment and natural resources. But is it only to blame? No we’re responsible too! We leave the lights on and waste electricity. We let water flow through taps when we’re brushing and waste precious potable water.

This post is more a culmination of my many thoughts and fears. This book, I fear will become reality. How much longer before an economically advanced nation coerces a smaller, less economically powerful nation to let them abuse natural resources? Why must the environment always bow down in front of industry and political prowess, especially money.

Canada has been wrecked in 2036. Vested interests have mined every corner and made life so hazardous. Militia have used their coercion to get away with the deeds of mining companies. The country in question pulling the strings is China. But it is not so difficult to imagine, given that a lot of chinese investments are into less developed countries. If one country pulls all its strings and economic powers, then definitely will pressure foreign governments.

This book….it is really like a wake up call. How much more will you take before IT IS THE END? How much more will you draw from your own well, and destroy your own life, before you wake up? This book, is a must read. This book will open your eyes and make you realise that there is so much wrong today. And we need to conserve resources, recycle NOW!! Otherwise there will be NO TOMORROW!!

My Rating: 5/5

Because I feel this book should be read and our environment should be saved, this one merits a 5 star!! I hope it helps people wake up to the environmental challenges, rather than just write it off as fiction

5 star


Norm Hamilton (1951- ) lived in Whitehorse, Yukon for 40 years. In December 2012 he retired and is currently on Vancouver Island with his wife, Anna, where he is meeting people and experiencing new adventures to write about. He trusts that retirement will afford him the time to delve further into his writing. This photographer, freelance writer, copy-editor, proofreader and novelist is currently enjoying Lake Cowichan, B.C.

Norm’s latest project is a novel titled, “From Thine Own Well,” a story about a dystopian Canadian society brought about by unrestricted gas fracking and irresponsible mining techniques. It all began with a FIPA agreement in 2012 that left the federal government open to lawsuits – that they lost. This book is available as a paperback on Amazon, and as an eBook on Amazon Smashwords, Kobo and other online retailers.

Norm has written one non-fiction book, “The Digital Eye.” It is a compilation of articles for people wanting to improve their photography skills or for those who want to learn digital photography. This book is available as a paperback on Amazon, and as an eBook on Amazon Smashwords, Kobo and other online retailers.


Book Page  http://fromthineownwell.normhamilton.ca

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NormHamiltonWriter

Website http://normhamilton.ca/writer/