#BookReview – The Man in Blue by C.S Luis

The blurb reads,

The Man in Blue

Claudia Belle never imagined what life would be like with her parents gone. Now she must face that horrible reality.

With her parents, dead and her grandfather a perfect stranger, Claudia has never felt so alone. Her mind-reading abilities have always made her feel like an outcast. And now will those same abilities reveal who she really is?

Following the death of Dr. Edwards, a new principal is sent to take his place, undercover for a secret organization called The Company. The Man in Blue’s true mission is the identification and eradication of alien life forms. The entity he pursues, this time, is as dangerous as they come. He must identify the source of the creature’s powers to capture the subject and complete his job.

There is just one problem, his one weakness: women. And Claudia fits the description of his dream girl.

Success or downfall. Which outcome awaits him?”


I absolutely loved reading this book. I only had to read the first chapter and I knew I would like it. The book had my attention from the get go and I didn’t realize when I had read over a 100 pages in one sitting.

The mystery involved was an intriguing one and I loved the different points of view which got me to the conclusion. I was gunning for the characters and I could feel every emotion they felt. I can’t agree enough with the other reviewers when they say the book is captivating.

Each chapter brings out a new facet about the character or some background which is like one more piece of the jigsaw puzzle that fits in place. That makes the book a thoroughly engaging experience.

The one part which really got to me was Claudia when she loses her grandfather. Having lost a grandparent recently, I can imagine the pain, the void that this loss leaves. And in that sense, I could feel how well the book was written. I really felt every emotion Claudia went through.

I will definitely be reading the next books in the series.


#BookPromo – The Weir Chronicles by Sue Duff

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The blurb reads,

Fade to Black (Book 1)

fade-to-blackIn the world of illusions there are many secrets . . . Ian Black has more than most.

Ian Black is an illusionist with a talent for keeping secrets. College student Rayne Bevan has a gift for uncovering them. She suspects that the popular performer’s skills extend beyond the stage and that he’s the area’s mysterious and elusive defender of the innocent.

In her efforts to uncover the truth, Rayne is swept into the hidden world of the Weir, a magical race who struggle to prevent Earth from self-destructing. Her inquiries expose Ian to those who would kill for his connection to the planet, and as he fights to keep Rayne safe, they discover a force behind the Weir’s raging civil war—a traitor bent on launching Earth’s Armageddon.

Masks and Mirrors (Book 2)

masks-and-mirrorsIan Black’s commitment to safeguarding Earth has come at a price. His career as an illusionist is at a standstill and attending to the planet’s needs has distanced him from his best friend, his guardians, and the woman he loves. When presented with an opportunity to perform, Ian seizes the chance. But moments before he takes the stage, Ian encounters the mysterious Jaered and a rebel force fighting to protect Earth alongside the Weir.

Jaered is determined to stop a malevolent Weir from releasing a drug capable of wiping out the last vestiges of their race and plunging Earth into self-destruction. But when Jaered is willing to sacrifice an innocent child to obtain the drug for himself, Ian risks everything to uncover the secrets of the rebel forces and their true intentions for Earth’s survival.

Sleight of Hand (Book 3)

sleight-of-handThe epic Weir Chronicles continues. The rebels poison Ian and it’s up to Rayne and Patrick to find a cure before their friend succumbs and Earth’s fate is left in the hands of adversaries intent on taking control of the planet. To obtain answers, Rayne must travel to an alternate world where few survive as Patrick unearths the secrets of the rebels and discovers a truth that shatters his beliefs about the Weir and the future of Earth.





Stack a Deck (Book 4 – Coming February 1, 2017)

stack-a-deckIan’s alliance with the rebels brings the wrath of the Pur army crashing down on them, but he is forced to abandon his new allies and travels to Earth’s alternate universe to rescue Rayne. As Ian combs the strange, desolate planet in search for her, he discovers the true story of the Weir and his connection to Earth’s imminent destruction.

Find Sue and The Weir Chronicles Online:

Official Website





Addicted to Elae- The Paths of Alir (Pattern of Shadow and Light #3) by Melissa McPhail

The blurb reads,

In Melissa McPhail’s award-winning epic fantasy series, A Pattern of Shadow & Light, she introduces her readers to the realm of Alorin and a magical Adept race facing extinction. The race’s tragic decline is the result of Malorin’athgul, powerful beings from the fringes of Chaos, whose presence in Alorin has caused a shift in the cosmic Balance. Fate bends to their will, and this is set upon Alorin’s destruction. Alone in understanding the threat they pose, Alorin’s Fifth Vestal, Björn val Gelderan, has launched a desperate plan to stop them: a “great game” played upon the tapestry of mortal life. Now, in Paths of Alir, A Pattern of Shadow & Light Book 3, Björn’s Players have taken the field:
Along the lush Caladrian coast…the truthreader Tanis returns to the place of his birth and finds mysterious and wonderful workings waiting for him. But the zanthyr warns Tanis that ominous events lie ahead, and the lad soon wonders if even his mother’s magical lessons will be enough to keep him alive.
In the dungeons of Tal’Shira…held prisoner by the Adept Inquisitor Taliah hal’Jaitar, Prince Trell val Lorian is facing a life of enslavement. Only two paths lie open before him: one means an eternity of torture fighting Taliah’s attempts to break him; the other requires surrendering to her will. But can he really sacrifice everything he is to walk Taliah’s path of twisted magic known as mor’alir?
In the snow-bound Castle of Tyr’kharta…Prince Ean val Lorian must choose between saving his brother Sebastian or his loyal men. But to choose his men means leaving Sebastian to an eternity of enslavement; while rescuing Sebastian means abandoning his friends along with his honor. Either decision will test Ean’s newfound skills as well as his conviction, for as the prince soon learns: once a man becomes a Player in the First Lord’s game, not even death can give reprieve.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00011]

So I’d written a very nice and a long review for this. But wordpress and my internet decided to act like a bitch and delete my review which is why I must type this again!

This was definitely the pinnacle of the books in this series. I still remember. I had requested for a physical copy for Cephrael’s Hand, the first book in this series. I somehow managed to completely to completely forget about the book and missed the blog tour and made it up reading it for the second tour for Book 2. I remember being completely wowed by Melissa’s work.

This series, for some reason, I thought, ended with Book 3. And I was impatient. Everything felt all over the place after The Dagger of Adendigaeth. I wondered how everything could come together in Book 3. I could feel Bjorn slowly taking control of the game as the book progressed and I knew the story from the blurb didn’t look like it was coming together. I was so delighted when I realised this was just one book in the series. Melissa (the author) hadn’t even planned the number of books she intended to write. I asked her on Twitter.

So with my mind at rest, that one of my favourite series wasn’t ending, I started reading this one.

And I was completely enraptured. My life stood still because I just had to read this book ALL the time. And I kid you not. I HAD to read it ALL the time. I just couldn’t resist finding out what role Tanis had to play and how he would manage to sway Pelas, the Malorin’athgul who threatened to destroy Alorin.

I could feel for Ean you know. Haven’t we all had those times when we’ve been burdened by expectations? And not just everyone else’s expectations. Our own expectations have hurt a lot, often hindering us and pulling down our self esteem. He bore the burden of remembering all the journeys and learnings of his past lives so he could save the realm now. And indeed, you could see how far he had progressed, from being the hot-headed prince he was in Book 1 to the level headed and thinking prince he was now. You could see the impact of all the lessons that everyone had given him and the slow release of memories his subsconscience had permitted him.

I somehow was attracted to Trell. My special someone is exactly like him. Trell exemplifies all those qualities I find extremely desirable. He is devoted, he is strong and he carries honour like an armour. And my special someone is exactly like that.

Anyway, back to the story. Alyneri was someone who reminded me of myself in a way. The part when she met Trell made me cry. I bawled. I literally did.

The point I am trying to make is that this book surpassed all of my expectations. It switched focus completely away from what the first two books focused on and in that sense, gave me a new angle to look at Alorin from. This made me aware of more details about Alorin which I am sure will be useful to me as I read the next few books.

Pelas and Tanis and their dance around each other took center piece in this book and I did not mind because their discussions and their talks especially centered around one issue which made me ponder deeply about my life. We often go through life playing the victim card and Tanis, in his uncharacteristic wisdom, believes that “We Always Have A Choice”. Deep words to live life by. Indeed, they shift the momentum of the book.

The end of the book was something I did not expect at all. I was completely stumped. My mind immediately went over everything in the book and the previous 2, making new connections and feeling absolutely awed about how Bjorn and indeed how Melissa had played it all. It was sheer brilliance.

I am miffed about the fact that the next book comes out only next year. I absolutely cannot wait for it. From my vantage point here, 2016 seems like decades away. But I suppose perfection cannot be rushed.


5 star

5 star

5 star

I Take my Coffee Very Seriously, says a Cheerful Jo Sparkes

Jo introduces herself in the following words,

Birr-Elixir-OptimizedBorn in Rison, Maryland, which is ‘no sir’ spelled backwards. Studied martial arts — and lacking any natural ability, made every mistake along the way. Eventually the old adage, “a white belt is a black belt that never quit” proved itself. 

I’ve published articles, watched commercials I wrote on television, and helped on set with various projects and corporate videos. Past member of the Pro Football Writer’s Association, when I covered the Arizona Cardinals for a popular fan website. Unofficially (very unofficially) the first to interview Emmitt Smith as a Cardinal. 

Did a short stint on a local children’s television show, wrote pilots for some wonderful producers, and have been in development on a feature script of mine. Four feature scripts, actually. I’ll let you know when we get the green light. 

Discovered the wonderful world of teaching at The Film School at SCC. There is so much talent in the world. It’s an honor and joy to facilitate creativity.

At this very moment we (the husband and Oscar the dog) live in Portland, Oregon. It’s sort of like living in Rivendale — without the ears. 

She’s the talented author of The Birr Elixir (Legend of the Gamesman #1)

Read my review of The Birr Elixir here!

Read my previous interview with Jo here!!

Thinking of a New Plot

Thinking of a New Plot

Jo’s one of the most down to earth and nice persons I know. She is always eager to write for me and is supportive to the pin. Her writing is excellent, without question. But Jo, as a person, is genuine, warm and loving. You really want good things to happen to her always once you’ve interacted with her.

In today’s interaction, we see EXACTLY HOW MUCH FUN she can be!! She answers some fun-filled questions

Q: Your Favorite Cartoon?

JS: Tom and Jerry.

Q: The First Book You’ve Read

JS: It wasn’t the Secret Garden, but probably something similar. I did read every Nancy Drew mystery I could find.

Q: Your favorite author and why

JS: I love Maeve Binchy and Jeffry Archer. They always suck me in. They both feel very human to me – somehow capturing bits that make us all frightening and heroic almost simultaneously.

Q: If You were a Biscuit what would you be?

JS: One of those Scottish shortbreads. Deceptively simple, yet somehow perfect in the right moment.

Just don’t sugar-coat me.

Q: What new are you writing these days?

JS: I’m halfway through the second book in The Legend of the Gamesmen series. Marra is in very deep trouble right now.

Beyond that, I’m working on a sort of supernatural horror in the Caribbean. It’s a beach read, and a story I’ve had in my head for a long time. Probably a year away from being released.

Q: A quirky Jo says?!!

JS: Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!  Err – where were we going?

Pondering Plots

Pondering Plots

QIf I came to your house, what would I find?

JS: An Arizona Cardinals football helmet (autographed by Larry Fitzgerald), a wall of books – some that I’ve owned since I was five – and coffee beans. I take coffee very seriously, and grind my own fresh every morning.

If you would like to write in your comments to Jo, please fill the FORM BELOW

Jo’s wonderful book can be found

On Amazon-http://www.amazon.com/Birr-Elixir-Legend-Gamesment-Volume/dp/0985331836

On Barnes and Noble-http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-birr-elixir-jo-sparkes/1115470299?ean=9780985331832

On Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17904468-the-birr-elixir

On Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BirrElixir



The Birr Elixir: Teaser


The Lovely and Attractive Cover for ‘The Birr Elixir’

He took the brew, staring at her. “How did you bring me here?” There was much anger in his voice. No confusion, just anger.

And he didn’t repeat himself, as most men would. No shouting, no threatening gestures. He simply waited for her response.

It dawned on Marra that this man was from a very different world than her own.

“By sand pony, my lord.”

His flash of anger was quickly controlled, but she feared it none the less. “Why?”

“We found you. Snark had you – and we could not leave you with him. He is not a good man.”

She told him all she knew of Snark, and discovering him in Mistress Britta’s shop. And when he asked, of San Cris, and Drail. He accepted everything but Drail’s defeat of the Skullan. “I still don’t know where I am.”

“The Sandy towns. The Flats of Beard.” He frowned at her as if none of those words meant anything at all. Marra impulsively added, “the Wavering Continent, on the –”

“Wavering Continent.” He whispered the words, but she felt as if he’d shouted them. What deeds had Snark been doing?

jo sparkes

Author Jo Sparkes

The Man sipped his drink, staring off at worlds unseen. She waited, but he spoke no more. When the others stirred, she hurried to fetch their tea.

“He’s awake,” she whispered to Drail, handing him his mug. Drail merely grinned, rolling upright. “Well done,” he told her. And strode off to talk to the man.

Hesitating only an instant, Marra followed.

The Man didn’t say much. He asked Drail where they were, but seemed to have already accepted what Marra had told him. Drail offered to help him get home, but the Man didn’t seem interested. He continued to stare off into space. The only further reaction from him was when Drail asked if he knew anyone in San Tray.

The Man actually laughed.

Around the fire the others stirred, and Drail turned to join them. He did throw one last question over his shoulder.

“What’s your name, man?”

There was hesitation.

“Tryst,” the stranger finally sighed. “I was Tryst.”


The Birr Elixir can be found on Amazon  and Barnes & Noble

Author Jo Sparkes can be found on her lovely website, thebirrelixir.com!!

A Series I CANNOT WAIT FOR: The Birr Elixir (Book 1) by Jo Sparkes

Jo’s website gives a short description of the book (http://birrelixir.com/)

Marra never heard of Birr Elixir. But when Drail sees the potion in her dead mistress’s book, she agrees to make it. Even lacking the right ingredient.


And after drinking it, Drail and his men defeat a Skullan team – something no one has ever done before. Marra is offered a place as his traveling potions mistress. Full of doubts of her own ability, she takes the chance to escape her slave-like existence.


Then her potions woke a man who was not supposed to wake.


Now every day draws more attention from the True Masters. And their motives – and morals – are not for the faint of heart.


If they discover the truth …


The book starts off with the King’s son Tryst who is to go on a journey across his land and learn lessons about the people.

The scene shifts from there to Apprentice Marra who is working in a small, bare shelved shop trying to learn her trade. She has been forced to work by her Mistress’s brother, evil and cunning Snark.

Marra’s world turns upside down when she makes a potion for Drail for a Comet game to be held in her town. When Drail and his team do the impossible task of beating the Skullans (thought to be invincible), Drail decides to take Marra along with him on his adventures. They find an unconscious man in Marra’s shop and Drail makes the gutsy decision to carry him and Marra along with the team to the rest of their adventures.

There you’re introduced to the world of COMET, the intriguing and high action packed game which Trumen and Skullans play for ultimate victory. Drail and his team, the Hand of Victory plays well and moves along flatlands to play at the Summer Solstice games in Port Leet, one of the biggest cities.

Young Marra travels beyond her small town for the first time and sees sights which she would not believe. When her potions wake up the unconscious man they were travelling with, what adventures happen? And what does Port Leet hold for them? What is the mystery surrounding the unconscious man? Who are the men chasing Drail and what do they want from Marra?

It was so exciting to read everything from Marra’s perspective. She is an eager-to-learn lady who has never been anywhere outside her shop and the revelations of what the world holds and discovering new sights from an innocent and wide-eyed surprise is jo sparkesrefreshing.

Well I have to say it was SHEER DELIGHT reading this book. Perhaps after Harry Potter, this was the first book with a sport that excited me so much to read. I was totally Hooked on to the book!!

What was so great is Jo’s easy to read, sparkling style. The way she writes is unique, it is tantalizing with the details and yet just adequately providing the reader answers to all their questions. Her characters are well thought of with each character being perfectly in place. There are unanswered questions but this is a series and I CANNOT wait for the other books to read more.

Though this is a short book, there is a lot of excitement created about the games and you actually feel every drop of sweat that passes through the players as they look to win the trophy!

Jo has happily agreed to become a Guest Post author for explaining to everyone the exciting game of COMET!!

The game itself is one of the things that makes the book attractive. There isn’t focus on a particular character or on a romantic relationship and it is very refreshing for that very reason.


My Rating: 4/5



This is an upcoming series  (the book is Book 1 of the Gamesman)

I am really looking forward to this one.


I have come to expect quite a high quality of work from Indie Authors even though they are not traditionally published and Jo’s writing is something that excites me!!


Jo’s website is http://josparkes.com/about/

Her book’s site is http://birrelixir.com/reviews/


If you want to read 20 pages of the book, here is the link


If you have any question for Jo or Me or would like to get your book reviewed then please fill up the form below








Who are the Abductors? In Search of an Answer. Part Five: The Phenomenon

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Cliff pic

Part Five: The Phenomenon… The answer?

One of the secret service agents handed me a bizarre-looking helmet and said, “Put this on.”“What the heck is this for?” I asked.

As it turned out, this was why the abductors had measured my head during the abduction in Oklahoma. The helmet had been prepared especially for this day.

“It’s for communication with the abductors.”

I could feel it forming to the shape of my head as soon as I put it on. I immediately observed a mysterious being appearing out of the swirling mist inside the small dome. I had finally come face to face with my abductor.

Now, you may have been expecting some God awful-looking creature, maybe slobbering slimy sticky stuff, to spring forth and scare the shit out of us. I suppose I had too, but, this didn’t happen. Don’t be disappointed though. Heaven knows, I had no idea ( at the time) what I was looking at. Neither will you.

I stood there in stock and awe. Suddenly blocked memories started escaping from my subconscious. I saw what had actually happened during the accident on the country road outside Clinton. I saw what had really occurred in Oklahoma and Carmel. My mind was flooded with a vast collection of previously blocked memories. The memories started coming faster than the speed of light, much quicker than a speeding bullet, and way too rapid for me to comprehend. Warning: The Kid was about to blow a fuse.

Wait a minute. Wait just one frickin’ minute. Someone has to be pulling my leg. It’s not like I was born yesterday. This can’t be real, I thought, as I looked for the Candid Camera.

No one is pulling your leg, Tom. I am quite real and aware of when you were born. The words, clear as a bell, reverberated within my mind. What’s with this voice in my head?

Tom, please let me introduce myself. I am called MonroeI am your abductor. I come from…

Sorry, but any further details would be a spoiler. Surely, you wouldn’t want me to spoil the story for you.

To find out the answer, you can catch the rest of the story in “An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns.”  Available in all book stores on the internet, plus  http://www.amazon.com/Abduction-Revelation-Comeback-Kid-Returns/dp/1452559570/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1367249134&sr=1-1&keywords=an+abduction+revelation

Latest edition is available in all eBook formats at www.smashwords.com

Thomas Hay Blogs: Part 4- The Conundrum

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eye of mind

Part Four – The Conundrum.  The search continues…

My fiancé shouted, “Stop the car, we have to find out what the cows are staring at!”

“Okay,” I said, as I slammed on the brakes.  “But you stay in the car.”

The cows were in a field next to a huge cornfield. It was close to dusk, and the glare from the departing sun made it difficult to see anything in that direction.

Then suddenly, I noticed a shallow figure materialize right out of the corn stalks. My first thought was that a scarecrow had gotten loose.

I was in a sleepwalking stupor as an invisible force propelled me toward the scarecrow. A beam of light from the shadowy shape, which was holding a gold-colored medallion, hit me in the chest. I was paralyzed but conscious as the figure measured my cranium. (Years later I would discover that I had been measured for a special type communications helmet). The mysterious being then implanted another memory block and vanished into the departing sunset.

The next I knew I was standing alone in the cornfield, not knowing how or why I had gotten there. The cows all stared at me like I was an alien invader.

When I returned to the car, my fiancé was sound asleep. She didn’t recall or see a thing since I had gotten out of the car. Several years later (after melting her memory blocks) she would reveal what had happened to her that day.

” I fell asleep in the car and had a most peculiar astral projection. I was out of my body and rising high above the trees and into the clouds. I looked to the sky and saw…”

Stay tuned for the final part: The Phenomenon

Thomas Hay, Author  http://www.thomaslhay.com

Latest edition in all eBook formats at   http://www.smashwords.com