#BookReview – The Man in Blue by C.S Luis

The blurb reads,

The Man in Blue

Claudia Belle never imagined what life would be like with her parents gone. Now she must face that horrible reality.

With her parents, dead and her grandfather a perfect stranger, Claudia has never felt so alone. Her mind-reading abilities have always made her feel like an outcast. And now will those same abilities reveal who she really is?

Following the death of Dr. Edwards, a new principal is sent to take his place, undercover for a secret organization called The Company. The Man in Blue’s true mission is the identification and eradication of alien life forms. The entity he pursues, this time, is as dangerous as they come. He must identify the source of the creature’s powers to capture the subject and complete his job.

There is just one problem, his one weakness: women. And Claudia fits the description of his dream girl.

Success or downfall. Which outcome awaits him?”


I absolutely loved reading this book. I only had to read the first chapter and I knew I would like it. The book had my attention from the get go and I didn’t realize when I had read over a 100 pages in one sitting.

The mystery involved was an intriguing one and I loved the different points of view which got me to the conclusion. I was gunning for the characters and I could feel every emotion they felt. I can’t agree enough with the other reviewers when they say the book is captivating.

Each chapter brings out a new facet about the character or some background which is like one more piece of the jigsaw puzzle that fits in place. That makes the book a thoroughly engaging experience.

The one part which really got to me was Claudia when she loses her grandfather. Having lost a grandparent recently, I can imagine the pain, the void that this loss leaves. And in that sense, I could feel how well the book was written. I really felt every emotion Claudia went through.

I will definitely be reading the next books in the series.


#BookReview – America Under Mind Control by Jamell Crouthers

The blurb reads,

“What happens when society takes control of your mind and how you think? This book speaks on all of the issues going on in today’s society and how the rich, wealthy and elite do everything in their power to keep the American people under mind control. There are different tactics and ways they use to make sure we as a people don’t strive for greatness in life.

It starts from when you’re a child in the education system and how we’re taught to be obedient and to respect authority all the way into Corporate America. Our minds are programmed on a daily basis and whether we realize it or not, we don’t take the time to see the bigger picture of how the world is run.

From the music we listen to, to the television we watch, the politics they control and infiltrate, this book deals head on with how we the American people are controlled by so many messages on a daily basis. It’s a book that speaks truth into how this country and the world is in shambles and how we need to come together as a nation and as a people and do better.”


I have been working with Jamell to promote his book and had the chance to read this gem and boy, IT WAS HARD HITTING!

You know, this book is like holding a mirror to our life. There are so many things wrong with our life at this moment. The world is so obsessed with greed, money, earning and then living a comfortable life, that they don’t care about the people they crush in the process. A multinational may not give a second thought about the farmer that killed himself because of their arm flexing. Or another one may not care about destroying a consumer’s life while pushing credit cards on them, and ruthlessly collecting afterwards.

The point I am trying to make is, there are so many subtle markers around us, which point out to this irony, which try to protect us from it and yet we fall into its trap. Take for example, the advertising world. Or the beauty industry. It’s an industry that thrives on our low self esteem. If we were happy with ourselves, would we buy their products? If we were happy with our clothes, would we make them rich by spending money we could otherwise have invested? NO!

The book is filled with stories or poems like that which are literally so true about the American society today. I live in India but because for us, mentally, a lifestyle followed by people in America is idolised and thought of as the right lifestyle here. I can literally see it. People buying products to fit in, or just because someone endorsed it. Or buying product after product simply because of the push advertising. Or the fact that their behaviour is so influenced by how things are put. Or how opinions are controlled because of how things are reported.

The world is not black and white and in this bucket of grey monotone, it is worth noting that we need to look into the mirror. We don’t need fast fashion. We don’t need a television. We don’t need a credit card or anything that someone else tells us is necessary. Is our mind subtly being controlled by corporations who want nothing more than our dollars? This is the whole crux of the book and it is something that is worth thinking about very deeply.

In a world where humans are reduced simply to their worth in money, it is worth thinking where we are spending that currency which determines our value. Perhaps if we introspected a little and supported our own opinions as compared to something that the so called society seems to thrust on us, we will be better people and will  be able to make the world a better place.

And I don’t mean this for a utopian world. Our habits or what we do simply out of impulse needs to be checked. You never know who is behind the strings controlling this behaviour.

This is an excellent excellent read! The words are hard hitting and a poem or two into the book, you realise that this is reality. And it isn’t a pleasant one.

5 full stars from Books, Food and ME!

#Book Review – Debris by David Miklos

The blurb reads,

“A turn of the screw from magical realism, Debris is a novel where everything is unique, yet repeats itself indefinitely.”

It took me a long time to get wrapped in this book. And once I did, I really understood the meaning of the blurb.

There are 3 to 4 different stories which are going on side by side. And it takes a while for the reader to understand the relevance of the different stories and the connection to the picture as a whole.

The writing is lyrical and looped and it really feels like you’re going in circles until the pathways begin to clear up one by one. The stories are linked one before and one after the other. That’s where the book is genius.

I can’t really discuss much without giving the story away, but the book reads a little differently. Don’t expect the standard fare where things are linear. This book is as twisted as it gets. And that’s where it is an excellent read. It feels like different diaries have opened up at different points of time to show you different pictures and as you’re seeing the different pictures, a clearer complete timeline emerges.

This was a nice book to read.

My Rating: 3.5/5

My rating as such because it took almost one third of the book till I made connections and that made it a little hard to want to continue reading. It’s a toss up between having more clarity and having a completely dreamy quality that the book has. It is a good read nonetheless.

The Crazy English Language

Idioms – Sensible Nonsense

What in Sam Hill? We all know what it means, but where did the saying originate?

Idioms, to make a long story short, are actually sensible nonsense, yet hit the nail on the head in a New York minute. We know what these phrases mean; we all use them. But where do these funny and nonsensical statements come from? Since when can you know the ropes, knock on wood, wag the dog, hold your horses, or go the whole nine yards and still know that you didn’t bite off more than you could chew.

In my story, An Abduction Revelation, I used many idioms that we use in our every day conversations. I added an appendix at the end of the book to explain their meanings and how they originated. I get down to the nitty gritty and make them as clear as a bell. Now you may think I am two sheets to the wind, got up on the wrong side of the bed, pulling your leg, or joshing you, but dadburn it, I am actually on cloud nine and in seventh heaven. For crying out loud, put a bug in your ear and grasp a straw, before I kick the bucket, or bite the dust, and be deader than a door nail. It might behoove you to give it a shot and smell the roses, before the fat lady sings, cause I can’t spill the beans in a blog. Yes siree Bob!

An Abduction Revelation, available at: http://amzn.to/PwRRlc or for the latest edition on all Smashwords eBook formats: http://bit.ly/17yuf3G

#Quotables 2 on #Books

“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.”

J.D Salinger, The Catcher in the Eye

Source: Goodreads

Disappointment: Mahaha’s Victims by Giselle Renard

When crafty Kooloo takes Gyta out in her truck, things get a little too hot and heavy for Gyta’s liking. The attention is nice, but she just wants to go home. En route, the truck hits something big. Damned if it isn’t a girl! And not just any girl–with her bare feet, sinewy limbs, blue skin, and sharp acrylic fingernails–this willowy slip could only be Mahaha, the mythological Inuit monster.

In the elders’ stories, Mahaha’s long fingers were able to tickle a person to death. She was a cruel creature, but easily tricked by any clever Inuk. Just lead the monster to the water and push it in. Easy enough.

Kooloo’s got a plan to escape the monster’s ticklish clutches: push the half-naked creature into the local watering hole. Gyta doesn’t know who to feel sorrier for–Mahaha, or the boys at the bar. But can the women execute their brilliant plan before it’s too late? A short story.

I had been reading Shorts or Short Stories in that phase and I picked this one up too. And OH MY GOD. This book was a really huge disappointment.

The book starts off with a creepy description. Kooloo is pushing Gyta to the limit scaring her with tales of Mahaha and teasing her sexually. Gyta can’t help but feel uncomfortable. They find someone who they think is Mahaha and they wonder what they can do to escape a near certain death. You wouldn’t want to be Mahaha’s Victim Would You??

The more I think about this book, the more glad I am that this was a SHORT STORY!! THANK GOD!! The spook was so artificial that I was literally wondering whether the author strung the words together for the heck of it. The end just did not make any sense and I was left with this feeling that I was cheated. I hate it when the blurb is good but the story fails to live up to the blurb.

What sort of thoughts does Gyta go through? In the first half of the story, she is seen to be uncomfortable with Kooloo’s increasingly sexual advances and then feels jealous as Kooloo picks up a presumably high-on-drugs girl from in front of the truck. Are you really kidding me?!! What follows this, does not even merit a write up!! The girl is somehow disposed off, in a shady watering hole where god alone knows what fate she will face and then the two girls, amazed at being free from Mahaha, walk away guilt free.

I can only recommend you to NOT read this one. Because it is NOT WORTH the time. Or the Money. I know of other authors writing a full length novel which are miles better than this one!

My Rating: 1/5

Poor Poor and Even More Poor


My Favorite Vampire Story: The Bloodline: Forbidden Hunger



What an Attractive Cover this Makes!!!!

The Blurb reads,


Meet Zanette Amelia, the first Vampire. Struggling through life by denying her destiny, she soon realises that, if she is to protect herself and her heart she must embrace her life as Vampire Queen. Finding comfort in a self-built empire she soon discovers that danger isn’t far behind. She is under attack and is left with a decision whether or not to cut all ties with the past and start a fresh or risk hers and everyone else’s future to be what she always wanted to be:…Normal? Follow Zanette Amelia into a world of pure pain, tragedy and loss, heartbreak and fear. A woman you love to read and hate to be alive. Who’s side will you take on this incredible journey through power, love and acceptance? If you love Twilight, Interview with the Vampire and Underworld this is your book. Packed full of action, emotion and love and betrayal. “Welcome to the Bloodline” Amelia

One of the most misleading points here in the blurb is the resemblance to Twilight. While I have no qualms with the Twilight lovers, it has not been something I have enjoyed. But this book has changed my outlook, quite literally, about Vampire Books.

Zanette Amelie finds herself turned into a monster through a quirk of fate. As she navigates her life through her new found powers, she finds herself leaving her old life and her grandpapa behind. Amazed with her new sense of powers and driven by an urge to feed, she travels across the continent, creating a loyal servant Lucas and on the way finding love.

When Zanette finds her love and dreams shattered, she goes wild. She decides to fructify her intentions to rule the world. She sets forth with her servant Lucas and finds herself a suitable place to start her coven.

Will her intentions manifest? What happens when she encounters the past? How can she create more like herself and still continue to control them? What happens when she faces opposition? Can she afford to kill without someone becoming suspicious?

The questions are enough to make you think. Although the book is long, the length is lost in a brilliantly written story and solid characters. I have loved reading this book and I kept sneaking my way to the story in spite of my work.

Amelie reminds me of Charlize Theron from Snow White and the Hunstman and I found myself comparing their strengths and weaknesses and finding the character getting stronger! I admired the writer’s ability to thrash out Amelie’s fears and tribulations, her battle with the past and her decisions for the future. Reading into the mind of a cold and ruthless leader was a little shocking, I’d not expected to read about regret and love. I thought Amelie was a cold-blooded monster.

One of the most interesting points of the book is the complex and layered characters. The book swerved through Points of Views of Amelie and Her Avenger. There was never a dull moment in the book. I felt I had to peel every character to understand what substance they were made of. I felt Amelie truly regretting what she had become and I felt sad for her. This was not a fate she chose, not becoming a Vampire.

In a way this was like reading a Prequel to all Vampire books. This was how it started. And it was a satisfying one. I could never have fathomed the end. NEVER!! The end was BRILLIANT. I have no words.

I could really imagine this being played out like a film and I truly hope it goes to the big screen one day!! Kudos to the author!!


My Rating: A Well Deserved 4/5