#BookReview – Imagine A Fly by Martin Sommerdag

The blurb reads,

“Just like a common housefly, a man’s love cannot be contained in a jar and must be set free. A story about love. A true love story, if you can imagine it.”

This was really unlike any other book that I’ve read before. The storyline is weird and lyrical and it made me think. The author gets one thing right, you do need to imagine the story to feel it, to understand it.

Life is fickle. Death is even more fickle. Losing a loved one is never easy. The feeling you get when life is taken away is horrible. And what is even more horrible is not being there with your loved one.

I understand the need to contain your love and hold on to it as strongly as possible. Sometimes love makes you want to just hold on to your loved one and never let him go. I feel that several times. But that’s not the right way. Love breathes when it is let free. You have to trust that your love will draw the person back to you. And that I feel is the essence of this book.

To love and then to let go trusting that the love will return back. That in itself takes a herculean effort.

This was a good read. It involved considerable mind chow which I like and a fair bit of imagination. But the message is beautiful and clear. Martin is a filmmaker and I love how filmmakers can put across things just ever so beautifully.

Martin can be found onΒ Facebook! Go check out his work and his films for some excellent viewing!


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